Hi everyone!

Wow, this space has been left to dust and good thing we are all still snooping around every now and then! I thought it'll be fun to share my ongoing adventure (that undoubtedly took a hiatus) to satisfy my need for crafting with my own brand Lazydoodlr.

I've been getting quite into making fun art stuff and now making them available for sale the last few months and I try to change things up every now and then so please meet my latest launch - The Plant Collective Stickers

Lazydoodlr is taking a deep dive into the world of stickers and with my recent obsession with plants, please meet my first collection of waterproof, smudge proof and ultra adorable stickers specially designed for all the plant lovers out there.

Now available at $4 each or 3 for $10, this collection is for purchase via DMs or at carousell: carousell.sg/thelazycult

Sometimes the way to a plant lover’s heart is a pot of Monstera and other times - a really good pick up line like this! Whether it is for yourself or a fellow plant lover - get ready for a deliciosa partner coming your way *winks*

Calling all #harrystyles fans who are plant parents - this one is for US. she goes home to a cactus in a black dress she's such an actress!

A pun every now and then is much appreciated especially in such a thyme we are living in! Chin up because better days are ahead of us and in the mean thyme, let the good thymes roll!

Hands up if you agree you’d prefer to spend your time with plants than people! What else could bring you a breath of fresh air than a pot of healthy plant? Ditch humans and bring on all the planters today.

This needs no more introduction because #proudplantparent unite! Designed in an organic shape to resemble the unique shapes where our plant babies can take in growth - this sticker is one to put on loud and proud!

So if you're based in Singapore and looking for adorable plant themed stickers to jazz up your favourite spots, don't forget to check out lazydoodlr on Instagram and Carousell!