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Hey friends!

Welcome back to my gift guide series! I hope that you’ve been enjoying them so far and find them useful in your Christmas gift shopping! Today I’m going to be sharing with you some gift ideas for secret Santa gift exchanges! Unlike the previous gift guides where they have more of a ‘category’ to them, this post is mainly gifts that are suitable for anyone of any age, gender (or whatever you identify with) or other ‘classifications’ you might find!

I will probably sort the items  into price range because I know that majority of the secret Santa gift exchanges typically have a budget and hopefully this can help you navigate a little easier.

$10 - $20

1. Starbucks Christmas Mug

Credit: Starbucks (Note: this is not the Christmas merchandise)
I know not everyone has a great love for Starbucks merchandise as I do but everyone could use a cup or two! Plus the Christmas range are always so festive and adorable, surely it could make a great gift that suits everyone. If you want to play safe, maybe go with one that has less glitter and all things that scream ‘crazy Christmas lady’ but then again, it’s Christmas - have at it! The price range are usually pretty varied with Starbucks merchandise so be sure to look out for the suitable ones when you’re shopping!

2. Socks

Credit: Shopee

Okay, this might not be the most exciting gift but who could say no to some new socks? There are a ton of unisex socks around, especially in Miniso featuring the Marvel characters! You could easily find a set of characters so that you can hit the nail on the head or you could simply just get a range of socks with some beautiful patterns!

3. Royce Chocolate

Credit: Royce' Chocolate

What else screams Christmas and indulgence than a gorgeous box of delicious chocolates? I know some secret Santa exchange have strict rules of no food and drinks but if you don’t, I’m sure your secret Santa person will appreciate a box of delectable Royce chocolates that boasts a ton of different flavours!

4. Notebook/Planner

Credit: Great Deals SG
Credit: Coffeebean
Credit: Kikki.K
Here’s another one in the name of practicality - notebooks are always a hit and especially if you know that you’re surrounded by people who love making notes/writing or even just planning! If you’re looking for some with cute pastel colours, I know that Starbucks & Coffeebean Tea Leaf have some really pretty ones for sale. Otherwise, check out Tokyu hands, Kikki.K, Kinokuniya or even some other online stores to get your hands on some gorgeous notebooks!

5. A Plant

Credit: IKEA
Credit: IKEA
IKEA FITTONIA Potted plant
Credit: IKEA

This is probably the weirdest gift to bring to a secret Santa exchange but I just thought that a plant is quite a cute gift? It not only reduce some CO2 levels, it also doubles up as a pretty decor in the space! Check out IKEA for some affordable plants where you can throw in some touch of personalisation with the pots available and while you’re at it, think of a quirky name for it too!

$20 - $30

1. Board Games

Credit: Toytag
Credit: Shopee

These are such a treat especially when you’re at the party because after you open it, you get to share it with your friends or family and enjoy it together! Over the last year there are so many new board games.

2. Towel Set

Credit: MUJI

Credit: MUJI
I talked about getting towels for gifts in my previous gift guide but this is a more generic approach to it. I have a friend who’s obsessed with gifting towels just because of how useful it is and honestly I am 100% behind that! Especially during the festive season, there are many places that put together towel gift sets that are beautifully packaged and are ready to go from the store shelves straight under the Christmas tree! Check out ESPIRIT, Muji and Takashimaya for them!

3. Charger/Power Banks

Credit: Shopee

Another repeated mention but I actually got one of them for my secret Santa gift, I got a wireless phone charger because I am using one that I love it! It’s so effortless and easy to use where you can just leave your phone on there and forget about it!

4. Hoodie

Credit: UNIQLO

I know what you’re going to say - we are in Singapore and you’re asking me to get a hoodie?! Are you crazy! Probably, not going to lie. But I was just out and about in town the other day and I saw that Uniqlo has some really nice hoodies in and they range from lightweight to heavy duty cotton ones and they are really affordable! I think getting a hoodie is amazing, just be sure to get it at the size where it fits everyone there. I recommend getting it to fit the largest person (with no offence intended at all) so that they can 100% fit in and even if the smallest person get it, they can enjoy it as a oversized comfy one!

5. Inspirational Art Piece

What if Art Print
Credit: Society6
Art Print Whatever it Takes Poster wall decor wall art image 0
Credit: Etsy

I still remember a couple of Christmases ago, I got an inspirational art piece from a friend and I brought it to the UK and hung it up  at a place where I would see everyday and honestly on some days it was just the pick me up that I need. On top of the fact that it’s motivational, it also came from someone that is close to me so I just thought that it’s very special! You can find some of these work at Spotlight or even IKEA - if you’re feeling like a DIY project, paint it yourself on a blank canvas for a special touch!

$30 - $50

1. Tea & Teaware kits

Gorgeous Green
Credit: T2 
T25 Hall of Fame
Credit: T2
One of my favourite tea shops is T2 and they do the most beautiful teaware compliment their teas! And I know a handful of people that don’t enjoy tea but I still think this could be a good idea! You can play safe by getting either sweet teas that everyone can enjoy or some green tea since they have health benefits so that most people don’t get turned off by!

2. Bluetooth Speaker

Credit: ASOS
Credit: Amazon
I don’t know why I really like this idea but it’s quite a practical gift and every party needs a speaker to get things going doesn’t it? There are a range of speakers available out there, from the classic ones to cute ones featuring all sorts of designs, you’re sure to be able to find one that suits the group of people you’re going to be hanging out with!

3. Bath & Bodyworks 3 wick Candle

In stores & Online! All Candles Buy 2, Get 2 Free. Lowest priced items are free. Save $29 - $49. 140+ options. Shop now.
Credit: Bath & Body Works
Honestly I think that candles are a great gift (for me) because they can get so costly sometimes and I really enjoy them but I’m just not the person (anymore) that will spend a good amount of money on something just to burn it you know? Just be sure to pick out scents that are not too sweet or overpowering because scents can be quite a sensitive thing! I’d recommend the mahogany teakwood because it smells like Abercrombie and Fitch which is so beautiful! There are some offers around Christmas time like buy 2 get 1 free so if you fancy, you can actually double up and get gifts for your other friends too!

4. Cosy Blanket

Credit: Shopee
This is probably a very adult gift in the most pure way possible. I find that the older I get the more I want to just cosy up in bed with Netflix on or with just a nice book to indulge in. And what better way to get comfy with a soft and cosy blanket! It might seem very anti-climatic at first but trust me, the gift receiver will thank you when they cocoon themselves in it!

5. Disposable Cameras

Agfa photo LeBox Camera FLASH DISPOSABLE SINGLE USE CAMERA - 27 Photos
Credit: Qoo10

What better way to lock down memories than through pictures! Recently film cameras have been making a come back and a ton of people are getting back into it through disposable cameras and I think it’d make such a fun gift! If they’d like they can even make it their new year resolution to get snapping or even just to use it at the Christmas party itself!

Above $50

1. E-reader

Credit: Lazada
Credit: Amazon
Since this category is for those that are a little spendy, I think an e-reader could be the perfect gift! There are a range of readers available from home brands to big names like Kindle, there’s sure to be one that suits your budget. You can even take it up a notch and get them the subscription service for a year because when else to go all out right? 

2. Instax Camera

Credit: Shopee

A more permanent option to disposable cameras - Instax cameras! It’s always fun to have pictures being printed out at an instant and it would make for such an exciting gift! You can also throw in a couple of instax films to get them started and maybe you could get a picture with your santee and write a little message on the instax and recreate them in the future!

3. French Press

Credit: Amazon

We’ve covered the tea lovers in our previous category so how can we forget our coffee fanatics! A French press is a pretty good gift especially if you’re amongst people who love a good cup of coffee. You can also add on a coffee bean grinder from ikea and a pack of coffee beans if you fancy so that they have the full package to get on their coffee adventure!

4. Gold Class Movie Experience

Image result for gold class movie tickets sg
Credit: Golden Village

Get a pair of gold class ticket vouchers and give your secret santee an experience of comfort and luxury while enjoying a film of their choice! I think this would be pretty fun and who knows, you might get invited to go along with them! I think both GV and Cathay does them online and in stores!

5. USS Tickets

Image result for uss tickets
Credit: 707-Inc

This is probably a very cooperate gift but USS tickets can get pricey but as a gift for a fun day out, it could be really good especially if the person hasn’t been there before! You can always check out Qoo10 or the official USS page for any promotional prices so you can score the best deal while getting the best gifts!

And there we have it, 15 gift ideas of different price range for you to nail your secret santa gifts! I hope that this helped you get some ideas and I hope that you’ll get yourself some smashing good gifts in your secret santa exchanges!