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Hey friends!

Welcome back to another gift guide post! Today we are talking about all things personalised/customised. I am truly a sucker for anything with my name or initials (narcissist alert) just because I feel that it’s more special  and it only belongs to me and only me. 

I don’t know if anyone else feels like that but I do and because of that, I enjoy getting my friends gifts with personalisation details on. Either with their initials, a common symbol or simply just their names. So if you’re like me or you’re just looking around for some gifts that give you the opportunity to add a touch of personalisation, read on!

1. The IM Print

Credit: The IMPrint
I love this site just because of how luxurious it feels and looks, the items are all extremely practical and classy. From card holders that I love, to luggage tags and even name tags, they all make the perfect gift. For the one that loves to travel, you can find a passport cover for them. For the one that prefers to carry cards around, a card holder for them! 

I ordered a couple of items for them for my friends and I just love how effortlessly beautiful they look! Just note that the price change according to whether you’d like to add any customisation so do note! 

2. Keychains

Credit: Qoo10

I know keychains can seem like a very ~ lame ~ gift for someone during Christmas but I found these sleek and smart looking ones where you are able to customise with again, their name or a special word that holds a certain meaning to them. I got these for the boyfriends of my friends and unfortunately I wasn’t 100% smart at the time to wait for discounts so do keep your eyes peeled for any sales before Christmas! Just note that you have to give about a week for them to put your order together and get them developed!

3. Tumblers

Personalised Tumblers
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Credit: Carousell
No idea why but I have a certain fondness towards mugs/bottles/tumblers and especially while I was working in an office, a tumbler seem to always have my back. It keeps my cold drinks cold and my hot drinks hot long enough for me to get out of the work slumber. There are a ton of places you are able to get customisable tumblers/bottles and here are some of my favourites. Unfortunately I only discovered these places after I placed an order for my friends for some boring coloured ones but I’d like to think of them as ‘classy’ looking you know? 

4. Jewellery

Silver Signature Style Name Necklace
Credit: Jeulia

Custom jewellery always hold a special place in my heart and this year I decided to include that as a gift to all my close friends. For some whom have spent time overseas with me, I decided to include the longitude and latitude number on the necklace just to add a bit more meaning. And for those that I haven’t had the chance to travel with, I put a word/phrase that resonates with me/them on it along with their names! If you prefer something straight to the point, check out these necklaces where you can have a word (typically a name) engraved as the pendent! 

5. Towels

Credit: Carousell

Who doesn’t need a towel right? I found the cutest towels where you get to add a personal touch to it and I think it’s such a useful gift! Especially for the friends who have a vigorous skincare routine, trust me that they have a good chance where they dedicate a towel just for their face and this is the perfect gift to get them! 

6. Phone cases

Credit: Casetify

Customised gifts in Singapore | Phone cases | TheImprint
Credit: The IMprint
I’ve probably included phone cases in more gift guides that I can count but I just feel that it’s a thing that goes with someone literally everywhere and almost every other person has a phone case on. Other than those who are the true fearless souls who leave their phones unprotected - but then again, not everyone has butter fingers like me.. Anyway, I digress, customised phone case can be such a cute gift. From putting an image of their pet, family, friends or even just your face (joking please don’t do this) to let them bring it around. It’s kind of like the concept of bringing a special photo in their wallet. Am I reaching a bit much? Maybe...

7. Cutlery 

Credit: Lazada
This might be another reach but how cute are customised cutleries! One of my favourite pair of chopsticks was one that my aunt got me when she went to Japan and even though it wasn’t customised with my name, it had my Chinese zodiac sign on it and I love it! Not sure if it’s due to the weight/shape of it but it was just really special. I managed to find some online that allows customisation and hopefully you’ll find this idea useful! I think this is the type of gift that suits again, literally everyone - from friends to your partner, parents or even your grand parents!

8. Luggage cover

This is a little bit of a joke one but I saw a couple of years ago that someone made a luggage cover with their face on so that they can recognise it from a mile away and I thought that it was such a brilliant and hilarious idea! Imagine just watching a massive print of your face on the luggage belt - genius! 

There we have it, some customised gifts ideas for you if you’re into them as much as I am! I hope that you’ve enjoyed them and I will see you in the next one!