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Hey friends!

Welcome back to my second gift guide for this festive season! Today we are diving right into gift ideas for the gorgeous men in our lives (I'm going to repeat this every opportunity I can - you don't have to limit this to just for guys, girls can like these items too!).

These gifts are all practical gifts where they can incorporate into their daily lives and honestly that's the best kind of gifts because you not only put your money to something useful, they also think about you every time they use/see it!

1. Phone case with card slots

I used to think that my mother/other mothers are the only ones that bring around their phone with a couple of cards in their book-style phone case but I found that more and more people are having their cards in their phone/phone cases! I guess it's just the ease of access of having the important cards along with your phone so there isn't a need to bring out more things than needed you know? Anyway, enough of trying to justify but I thought that a nice phone case that is more than just a phone case would be a pretty good gift?

iPhone X Cases - Geometric Polygonal Abstract Geometry 085
Credit: Casetify

I think this was one of my top picks just because of the versatility and how much you can tailor the designs accordingly and it goes for USD $25! I'm pretty sure Casetify caters to both androids and apple so just in case your friend is not on #teamapple, you can still get them one!

Credit: Casetify
Also, they do free worldwide shipping for orders above USD $35 so if you'd like to grab one for yourself, that works out pretty good too!
Credit: Bellroy
I know its bloody ridiculous to spend SGD$110 on a phone case but I learnt that if you have one good one you really only need that one so if you are able, think of it as an investment piece for the gift giver! This one has a really cool and sleek design which I think could be quite well received!

2. Bum bags/Crossbody bags

Do you wear your fanny pack around your waist or across your chest? There's been an ongoing trend where people are reinventing fanny packs from a weird waist pouch to something that is quite cool? It is also quite handy to bring around because even though it can look rather tiny, most of it packs a good amount of items! Check out some of my faves that are versatile and looks great! Honourable mention to the messenger bags from Manhattan Portage as an amazing gift too!

Credit: ASOS
Credit: ASOS
Credit: ASOS

3. Xiaomi smart watch

I have a new found love for watches and even though I prefer the good old watch, I think smart watches are increasingly being sought after just because of how much they can do. From tracking your daily steps to things like your heartbeat plus tell the time, I can see why people are starting to like them more! Apart from being really efficient, they are also pretty pricey but Xiao Mi does some that are very wallet-friendly and works a treat!

Credit: Shopee

4. CK sliders

Credit: ASOS
Credit: ASOS

Similar to my previous gift guide for her, I think sliders can make a pretty good, practical and comfy gift! These CK ones look really classy and effortless for a pair of casual footwear plus with it's basic colours, they practically go with anything! They are selling for SGD$56 but if you keep a look out for ASOS offers, they can go up to 30% off!

5. Uniqlo jumper

When I was doing my research for this series, I had the typical basic jumper in my mind but when I went onto uniqlo I was pleasantly surprised! They have a wide range of graphic jumpers that are not too loud or in your face with the Edo Ukiyo-E range but if you prefer something cuter, they have a Mickey series which features a ton of the characters!

MICKEY ART Long Sleeve Sweatshirt
Credit: Uniqlo

Edo Ukiyo-E Long Sleeve Sweatshirt
Credit: Uniqlo

6. Google Home Mini/Amazon Echo

Credit: Google Store 
Credit: Lazada

This is diving into some light and easy tech while keeping an element of fun and practicality! I got Aidan an Amazon Echo some Christmases ago but somehow, someway it has ended up with me in Singapore now. It's been the most fun and useful little gadget for little things like checking the weather/time/playing music while you're occupied with other things. They of course have a wide range of usability which makes it great cause it tailors to so many different users!

7. Brain teaser puzzles

Credit: EZBuy

I wanted to add this in because it's just such a fun gift that can be shared amongst friends and family despite it being small and tiny! This would be perfect as a stocking filler or you could get a couple and put them all together in a nice gift box for some added fun this holiday season!

8. Sunglasses

Credit: Gentle Monster
Who could say no to a badass pair of sunnies? I have this thing for sun glasses and even though I don't bring them out every single day with me, I feel extra cool every time I have a pair on. It's also a great gift especially living in a country where it's sunny hot every day or it could make a great daily accessory! My favourite brands include Comme Des Garcon, Rayban & Gentle Monster!

9. Apple mouse

Credit: Apple

Credit: Apple

One of my favourite computer accessories to date is my Apple mouse! I got this aaggeesss ago but it's still working amazing and it's ever so sleek design is just so pretty! It stands gorgeous on its own but it's also super easy and comfortable to use. I see this as a pretty long term investment for people who are at the desk daily. Especially for people in the creative industry who needs to use the mouse a lot, this would be perfect-o!

10. Laptop case

Core Laptop Cover 13 Inch, RICH TAN
Credit: Cotton On
Credit: Lazada

We are topping off with yet another useful accessory - a laptop case! Before I got my new laptop, I was using my macbook 12" and the laptop case I've had is literally as old as the laptop just because of it's sheer quality and design! Which reminds me of how important it is to not only pick out a laptop case that is protective for your laptop but also one that you would be willing to bring around everywhere! I personally love my cases with different compartments so I can organize my stuff neatly so it highly depends on the gift receiver's preference and needs!


Here we have it! Gift ideas for the wonderful men in our lives; I hope that you've found this that little bit helpful when it comes to Christmas shopping and do let me know if you have any suggestions because not going to lie, they are the hardest people to shop for! Till next time! X