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Hey friends!

Welcome back to my space and welcome to my favourite season of the year! I'm sure you know by now that I look forward to Christmas basically the second it ends and I just love the festive season so much I'm so excited it's coming again.

Now that I have some time on my hands, I thought I'd cook up some content surrounding all things Christmas - from gift guides to decor to outfits and so much more! Okay, enough of rambling on and lets dive right into our first gift guide to nail your Christmas gift game. Today we will begin with gift ideas for the ladies in your life that hopefully will make their Christmas!

P/S: You do not need to splash out on gifts, at the end of the day, it is truly the thought that counts! This gifting series is just to provide you with some ideas and entertainment!


So since 2018, I've been aiming to get people gifts that are practical, something that they can put to use almost every single day if they want to but yes, nothing where they can only chuck into a corner until their next spring clean just to bin it!

1. Colourpop eyeshadow set 

I picked a colourpop eyeshadow set as they are not only affordable, they are of an amazing quality too! Colourpop has an amazing range that suits all types of make up users from a beginner to a professional! Not to mention they are also 100% cruelty free!

I picked eyeshadows because that's my favourite make up product but you don't have to (just) stick to that since CP has everything from eyebrows to lips to mascaras! Here are my top picks from Colourpop:

The Smoke Show Collection
Credit: Colourpop
This set has an amazing mix of a palette, eyeliners, glitter gels and eyeshadow pods! The packaging is not only super cute but also so *festive* with the stars and all that glitters! This is currently going for USD $50 which is amazing value! I'm pretty sure they'll do a black friday sale sometime soon so if you have the time, you can consider waiting till then to get the best deals!

Masquerade Magic
Credit: Colourpop
The perfect gift for a Disney and Make Up lover! How gorgeous is the packaging and the colours are just so beautiful! I can only imagine how beautiful this will look when on display thanks to the vibrant colours! This is USD $166 and it includes 17 different items!

The Lilac Collection
Credit: Colourpop
I lilac this a lot - hahaha, get it? Please say you do - this bundle gives a good mix of skincare and make up to achieve the complete look. Experience Colourpop's brand new skincare range along with the soft purple tones for the ultimate glowy look! This set is USD $80 for 6 different kits! 

Colourpop ships to Singapore and enjoy free shipping when you spend USD $50! 

2. Glossier perfume 

These guys have been on their game in 2019 with new products ranging from zit pens to serums and of course their perfumes! What else speaks sparkly and clean than this cute bottle of perfume from Glossier? According to Glossier, this bottle is 'both long-lasting and true to how it smells at the beginning'.

Credit: Glossier
This 50 bottle goes for USD $60 - Unfortunately Glossier doesn't ship directly to Singapore now but I found this site that ships their products for you and I personally haven't tried it out yet so please proceed with caution!

3. Sometime custom bags 

So ever since bringing a tote bag around, I have a new found appreciation for canvas bags. I personally enjoy a more structured bag so when I came across Sometime, it just seems like the best of both worlds; canvas and structured! Bonus points that you can personalize it with your choice of words and I am immediately sold. It is not the cheapest canvas bag I'll admit but the quality is insane. The packaging is also 100% and it's super sturdy! I bought about three more as gifts for some close friends and I personalised them with their initials which I thought is a cute touch to any gift.

Plus this is a very safe gift since everyone uses bags and could use a cute one!

Credit: Sometime
Credit: Sometime

Credit: Sometime
Credit: Sometime
Each bags goes for SGD$36 but there's a shipping charge of $6 so if you're smart, unlike me - you'd combine all the orders and pay for shipping just once instead of the numerous times you know...

4. Portable charger 

Can anything else scream practicality than a portable charger? We live in the day and age where our hands are glued to a device and there are so many times where my friends, family and myself would kill for a bit of juice for our phones/tablets just because our lives are on it so much! There are a ton of places out there where you can look for a power bank of your preferred capacity and costs but I found these which I liked!

Xiaomi 10000mAh Wireless Power Bank Support 10W Wireless Fast Charging - Black
Credit: Qoo10
I personally like this because it's WIRELESS! I can't recall the number of times where I brought out my power bank without my cable and it was just a kick in the teeth. Plus this just decreases the number of things you need to bring out and it's great to share it with your friends (if you want to)!

(mosimosi) / 3momo Power Bank 10000mAh/ 5momo 20000mAhDual Output Fast charge /  6 months warranty
Credit: Qoo10
Not going to lie, I picked this because it looked tiny, cute and pink which is convenient to bring around and kinda looks like an airpods case doesn't it?

5. Backrest cushion 

KOO Home Ella Bed Rest Cushion Blush
Credit: Spotlight

Okay I know this may seem a bit weird but trust me this has been one of the best purchases I've ever made in my life. I got this mainly because I used to work from home and sitting at a desk can be very straining for my beck and neck. Plus it's always great to sit on the bed and gradually disappear into the sheets but that point aside, this back support cushion is amazing. It helps me sit upright comfortably and it's so fluffy! I would 100% recommend this to anyone and everyone because it works on a sofa or on the floor too! I got mine from Spotlight for $40 but they are available at many other places too!

6. Polaroid printer

There's a certain quirk to printed pictures, not sure if it's just the nostalgia hitting or it's just refreshing to see images IRL rather than through screens you know? Polaroids have been making their come back the last few years and I think a the printer is the perfect device for printed pictures that are ~ perfect ~ just because you get to have a preview before you get it printed as compared to the surprise factor when using the camera. You can also edit it however you want to make sure the picture is perfect so yes, if you know someone that loves their photos, this one is for them!

HP sprocket plus
Credit: HP

Image result for instax printer sp1
Credit: Amazon

I personally have the HP Sprocket Plus and the Fujifilm instax printer and depending on how you'd like your pictures to look, you can pick and choose between. The main differences are the 'paper' type it's printed on, one is a on a sticker paper of sorts and another are instax films. Both costs about the same and the image quality is around there too so it's really down to your preference!

7. Humidifier/Diffuser

Ever since I got back from the UK, there hasn't been one night where I slept without a humidifier because it just helps me breathe properly and keeps my throat moist. It's a plus for people who love their room to smell a certain way because you can just drop some essential oils in and it basically is the safer option to candles! There are also 101 different designs from classy to cute and quirky so you can definitely tailor it to the person that you'd like to gift it to! Here are some ideas from Shopee:

Credit: Shopee
Credit: Shopee
Credit: Shopee
Credit: Shopee
8. Satin sleep mask 

Sleep Mask Pink
Credit: Sephora
There's no better gift than the gift of better sleep amirite - I found out about this brand while I was still back in the UK in selfridges and goodness me it is SO SOFT. I know it can be insane to spend SGD$80 on just a sleep mask but apparently its so worth the price according to the reviews on the site. Some say that it's super luxurious and helps them sleep better.

I personally think the packaging is super cute too and they have the widest range of colours that's amazing especially when you can pick it according to the gift receiver. If you are able to, I recommend waiting for their 20% sale, not sure if it will happen before Christmas but if it does, you can snag this bad boy for SGD$64.

9. Sketchers sliders

Image result for skecher sliders pastel
Credit: Airfrov
How cute are these colours! My friend told me about these and we popped into the stores to check them out and they are adorable, 100% adorable. They feel quite comfy and light on the feet as well so if you're looking to get a pair of sliders that's different from the typical adidas or nike, you can consider checking out these pastel coloured ones in Skechers stores! If I'm not wrong they are about SGD$30 to SGD40 and they have ongoing sales for up to 30% off when you spend a certain amount so be sure to check them out!

10. Water bottle/Tumblers

And for the last idea on this post - a waterbottle/tumbler. As usual, you can get them anywhere and everywhere but I thought i'd share with you my favourites just in case:

900ml Stainless Steel Tumbler
Credit: The Last Straw

I passed by The Last Straw at an art market of sorts a couple of weeks ago and I got one of this with my friend and it's amazing. It keeps my drink cool for a long time and it's capacity is also amazing! It holds 900ml of water and if you know the person loves drinking water/staying hydrated, this is great for them! Every order of this tumbler also comes with a stainless steel straw which is great for bringing around and also using with this! It's currently on sale for SGD$19.90 and it's worth the price!

Credit: Shopee

This is also another great gift just because it's collapsable which makes it very easy to bring around! Great for people who move around a lot or just someone that likes to reduce the amount of plastic use because this fits a good cup of coffee! It holds both hot and cold liquids and they also come in various sizes! I own one of this and if you're worried about how to clean this, I can assure you it's painless to keep it clean and dry! 

Credit: Coffeebean

This literally is the cutest shade of pink in the entire world - I saw this bottle when I was out and about the other day and although I am the biggest starbucks fan, a small part of me really wanted it just because of how adorable it is! Plus its holds a good amount of liquid (750ml) and it is double insulated! Perfect to enjoy a favourite drink at the perfect temperature. It is SGD $29.90 and you can get it in stores or online!


And there we have it! The first gift guides for the 'hers' in your life! Again, you can definitely get any of these for guys too, I just wanted to group them in an easier way to navigate. I hope that you've enjoyed this post and you got some ideas on what you can get for your loved ones this Christmas! Stay tuned to the next post where we will be checking out some gift ideas for him!