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Welcome back to my space! I hope you are all well! Today I wanted to put together this little post just to share with you how I managed to make about around 250 pounds from selling my unwanted stuff before I moved back home!

I'm pretty sure you already have your specific places to sell your items but I wanted to have a post to share the different platforms I used for the different items I have for sale so if you're looking to earn some cash from selling your 2nd hand items, keep on reading!

Clothes - DEPOP

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It has taken moving for me to realise how much clothes I actually have and it is borderline terrifying. But having tons of clothing also means that I have more than a handful of them to put up for sale so I guess that is some kind of good news? Anyway, for clothes, I mainly use DEPOP just because of the seamless process. It kind of works like Instagram in the whole function but the payment process is pretty effortless too.

The admin charges to depop automatically gets deducted so you don't really find yourself racking up a debt to them (like Ebay) if you don't check your balance for awhile. It also has a chat function that works just like the IG direct messages which makes finding out about information really easy, it is also great if you're trying to work out a better deal for you - such as free or combined shipping!

Furniture - Facebook Market Place

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I had a couple of furniture that I've been using for the last three years and since it doesn't make much sense to ship it home, I've put up all my furniture items on sale on Facebook Marketplace. It's again, really easy to use and the layout is great especially if you have multiple offers on an item. You simply need a couple of pictures along with a kickass title and description of the products for the listing. Just be sure to put the important details such as if it is pick up only and the measurements because you'll find that 80% of the queries are of information that you've already put up. But be prepared to meet with R/ChoosingBeggars because I met my fair share of people that tried to rip me off way too much.

Storytime: I was selling these drawers from IKEA that are in 10/10 condition for 8 pounds each, 2 pounds cheaper than IKEA even though they are in great condition. So this buyer agrees to buy both of them for 16 pounds but she showed up and said she was only going to pay 15 because she only needed to top up a mere 2 pounds for a brand new one. She left before I could say anything and her husband was already loading it up in their car while she was paying. Personally, this pissed me off beyond because if she has asked before hand, I would gladly accept 15 pounds but the fact that she showed up knowing that she was short and gave a shitty excuse? That is just baaaaad.

So yes, be sure that you know the minimum you want to sell your products for so you don't get short changed!

Shoes/Electronics - Ebay

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I would say that Ebay is the middleground between Facebook and Depop. It has an easy listing method (although longer) and it allows your buyer to negotiate. Plus it is pretty effortless to use and the items are basically up for as long as after you finish posting the listing. You can also change the details pretty easily and Ebay helps you sieve out the low ballers once you set the minimum amount you are willing to accept. But don't forget to check in your selling account and pay Ebay the selling fees (about 10% of the product price and shipping price) so you don't get a mini heart attack when you check back ages later. You may also have to deal with unreasonable demands from sellers when you deal on Ebay and be prepared to lose the case because Ebay favours the buyers.

Storytime: I was selling my acrylic make up storage that I've used for years now. One that has moved to many places with me and withstood all the knocking around and throwing about with minimal scratches. When I sold it, I packed them individually with mailing bags before putting them together in a big bag and securely tape them together. However, a day after the buyer received it, she told me it was broken and it had been broken on the inside of the drawers which wouldn't really be possible unless she took out the drawers and broke them because well, I packed the box with the drawers pushed in tightly. She also showed a corner that was chipped and again, could only be done when dropped without the packaging right on it. But she said that it was poorly packaged and was damaged by me which couldn't be further from the truth. So I explained it to her, told her how it was packaged and told her that I mailed it out in perfect condition. I then told her that I have put a report in to the shipping company since if it was really damaged before it reached her, it would have been in transit. Three weeks later, she sent MORE pictures of the damaged areas (which was not initially included??) and demanded a refund. At that point it was just getting ridiculous so I just reported her because come on, girl.... no

Storytime 2: A short one this time, mailed out an item, girl says she didnt receive it and I couldn't track it so I just bit the bullet and refunded her... and it was double digits in pricing as well, OUCH.

Everything else - Gumtree

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This is basically where you dump everything that you already have for sale so that it has another platform to go onto. Because this allows people to opt between picking it up or have it sent to them, this place is where you can have everything and anything for sale. But personally, this was my least used platform just because I don't like the amount of paid listings on it and the layout isn't the prettiest to navigate so I just stick to the other three!


And there we have it! Some of the places I've used to sell my second hand stuff for a little cash! I hope that this helped you a little and I will see you in the next post!