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Picture Caption: Andrew

Hey friends!

So this last weekend, Coachella was full force and my instagram feed was filled with tons and tons of people posing in front of the famous ferris wheel - which apparently no one ever rides? Shame! Anyway, because I was #Couchella Surfing instead of actually living my best life in the desert, I thought it would be fun to do a round up of the best outfits at Coachella 2019! Let's go!

1. Vanessa Hudgens

I read somewhere that waiting to find out what Vanessa Hudgens will wear at Coachella is like waiting to find out what Rihanna will wear at the Met Gala and I couldn't agree more! Vanessa is probably the coachella queen with her never changing hobo vibes that she effortlessly pulls off.

Speaking of which, does she even age? She literally looks the same when she was in her early twenties as she does now when she recently celebrated hitting the big three. Maybe its true, if you stay out of drama, you do age like fine wine. 

2. Nikita Dragun

I'm pretty sure by now you know who Nikita is. More famously known as the girl who broke the internet with her amazing anti-Victoria Secret ad which was glorious.

Her outfits at Coachella showed that she was NOT there to play! With intricate details and daring designs, she turned many heads and for good reason! 

3. Olivia D Buck

If you are into Love Island, this face would be no stranger to you. As one of the handful of success couples who've stayed together even after the hit TV series, they are the envy of many. Constantly herald by their fans as the ultimate #relationshipgoals, Olivia and Alex, her beau, popped over to the Palm Desert dressed in their festival gear and got their party on. Her outfits are the perfect balance between sexy and practical.

Not to mention, they are extremely flattering to her body type and they highlight her beautiful tattoos like nothing else!

4. James Charles

James broke the coachella-internet when he and his assless chap made an appearance last year. His daring step made it a trend at this years coachella where many of the festival goers brought out their buns to have some fun in the sun. And honestly nobody is complaining because hell, they have probably worked HARD to get that peach. Anyway, James' outfits this year of course showed off his buns but what I enjoyed the most are the different themes he had on where he had a military space uniform vibe to a cowboy the next day!

5. Connor Jerome

Before Coachella, I had no idea who this beautiful being is until I was on Instagram, scrolling as usual, when I popped by his profile and loved his outfits! In contrast to James' varying themes that gives a fresh perspective on his outfits, Connor has a proper theme to it and boy he slayed it. His theme was an interpretation of the catholicism and i LOVED every one of his looks! My favourite has got to be either the mother mary or the devil because they are just accessorised so well and he just pulled them off so well.


And there we have it! Five of my favourite looks from Coachella 2019 and I hope that you've enjoyed checking the stunning outfits are, hopefully on your couch because Couchella is not just a weekend event!