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Welcome back to another series recommendation from your home grown binge watcher! You already know by now, I consume so much series that it is borderline problematic but hey, everyone has something that makes them happy and this does for me! So without further ado, let me share with you some of the shoes I have been loving so far:

The Resident
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You know I love my Grey's Anatomy but sometimes I need a little break from the intense drama and heartbreak from the series because I do get a little invested. And with 15 seasons going on, it is hard not to! (RIP 007)

Anyhoo, in a bid to find a similar Grey's series, I found The Resident and I love it! The series follows an arrogant doctor Conrad (for good reason), who takes unique approaches to treating his patients and trains fellow doctors in a very different way but again, it works. It also talks about this new doctor who has a Harvard background so he is someone that does everything according to the books but with Conrad, his take on medicine changes as does he experiences the different cases that patients bring! This series currently only has one season but the second one will be returning in September!

Night Shift
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TV Line
Before you start on this series, I'll have you know that it was cancelled after four seasons but I personally think they've ran the series as long as they could. Nevertheless, I felt that this was a very different medical series as compared to the ones I've previously watched. Mainly because half the doctors in the hospital were ex-military so it goes into the different character developments from how they recover after coming back from war, how they use their experience to train different doctors to go into war zones or to deal with veterans and of course, not forgetting the perspective of the people who have had the backs of the soldiers like partners and families. It's a very different take but it is a very heartwarming series and I really like the focus of the vets and militants!

New Amsterdam
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Talk about a different medical director huh? His first day of stepping into his new position, he fires half the hospital and use the available funds to start different departments that meet the needs of his patients and doctors. I don't want to go too deep into it but about two episodes in you'll find a massive plot twist that changes the direction of the show. It's not the most celebratory news but it is so good and we all love a doctor who steps in and says "How Can I Help" rather than giving all the weird directions and retreating back to his office, into a comfy chair.

The Umbrella Academy
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Okay, breaking away from all the medical series, we take a dive into the new netflix hit! I'm sure you've heard of this even if you haven't watched it yet! Think x-men and titans but with a very refreshing twist. I personally enjoyed this so much even though it is a superhero series because of the different characters and their storyline behind each of them. Season 1 ended with a lot of room for character development and backstory which makes me really excited for Season 2 to come around soon. But for now, season 1 has introduced me to the beautiful Klaus and his eccentric personality as well as the ever so brave Five, who is a middle age man trapped in a young boy's body. Like every superhero film with a mission to save the world, this has an element of time-travel which definitely mixes things up a little. So if you fancy a different pace of show with a few interesting characters, you'll find that you will be very satisfied with this one.

The 100
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TV Line
I know this is a pretty old one but I've finally gotten into it and yes, I've asked myself why I haven't gotten into it sooner. Think a post apocalyptic world where young people take over and they go from living in space to hitting ground on a highly radioactive land. As you'd expect, loads of crazy decisions to weird groups of people forming in the face of human extinction and well, the fight to leadership and power. I enjoy this because it's very different and it is a little bit like walking dead minus the zombies to expect plot twists, betrayal, character deaths and more.

Uncontrollably Fond
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This is a little different because I've taken my foot out of korean series for ages but decided to jump into this one since it was on Netflix. Like how every Kdrama goes, everything is extremely dramatic and too many damsel in distress moments, but that is what makes k drama works and a little Kim Woo Bin never hurt nobody. I am not very sure about the ending because it's very open-ended but I guess that's how they keep all the viewers pleased! So if you're ever in the mood for a little sappy love story that circles a famous popstar reuniting with his ex-lover who under some unfortunate circumstances had to become this whole new person just to survive.

And there we have it, five of the shows that I've been loving so far and should you need something to kill your time with, pick one and I'm sure you will enjoy it! If you have seen any of this, let me know how you like it and until then, I will see you in the next post! X