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Hey friends!

Welcome back to my space, I hope you're all well! As you know, I'm moving back to Singapore, after spending a good 3.5 years living in Manchester and calling it my second home. Not going to lie, I am definitely going to miss it a ton but with how things are seeing, I count my blessings that I can go home and be nearer to my family, friends and hopefully, Aidan moving with me too.

So to tie things up a little, I wanted to share with you what are the ten things I will miss about living in the UK and hopefully, you will love them too. Or even if you're just looking for things to fall in love with this country since well, Brexit isn't the most uplifting thing right about this moment. Anyway, let's just jump right in!

1. Amazon Prime

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I don't know about you but Amazon Prime has saved my life one too many times. From textbooks to home goods, these deliveries not only arrive super timely but comes in really handy in desperate times. From jumping right into a hobby like embroidery to getting spare camera batteries or even Christmas Presents, Amazon Prime has got my back. The one day (or same day) delivery service has also made me into a really impatient person, so much so that if a store doesn't offer FREE or cheap next day delivery, I jump straight to Amazon for the thing I'm looking for.

2. Sunday Roasts

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From home made roasts to pubs and even posh roasts, UK offers them all! I never knew I could fall in love with something like Yorkshire Puddings until Aidan made a roast for me and we had a good number of puds and a bowl of gravy to go with. I think the best roast I've had was at Mackie Mayor where the pork was super tender, veggies were deliciously sweet and of course, the yorkshire pudding was an amazing hit!

3. Easy Returns & Refunds

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I know that there are both good and bad points to the easy returns and refunds processes because there are too many people that take advantage of the system. But at the same time, it's great because it helps you save some money when returning is so easy for something that doesn't fit or just unexpected! In the past I used to hang onto those items and use them merely a handful of times before donating it and it is such a waste so when I moved here and realised how effortless it is, it's definitely a plus! It's also great customer service not going to lie - you know, giving them the option of returning but also encouraging more spending because you're going to end up buying more things with the perception that you're not going to keep them all, but then end up loving them all?

4. Primark

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Ah, the mothership. Well, Primark is a blackhole, you enter with the intention of getting some socks or cotton pads but you leave with bath products, a new top and probably some scrunchies? I guess what I appreciate about Primark is just the availability of things, they have all sorts that you can pick up in one store and it caters to all ages/genders which works great if you're getting things for your family or friends. The price point is also pretty nice, I got a good pair of jeans for £13 when in Topshop it could cost more than £30 and they are prolly about the same cut and quality. The only downside is, because it's so available, everyone has just about the same jacket or top which can get a little awkward when you bump into a stranger with the same outfit. Aidan actually sat beside a guy with the exact same coat as him on a long bus ride and there is nothing wrong with that, it's just a littttlllleee weird feeling isn't it?

5. Thank Yous & Welcomes

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Here's the thing, in Asian culture, we kind of expect people to do their jobs. Bus drivers? Waiting staff? All doing their job and it isn't necessary to say a thank you or a welcome. And it didn't strike me as odd when I was in Asia because well, everyone thinks and acts that way - people doing their job and going on with their day, right? It was until I came over to the UK that I found that everyone uses 'thank yous' as often as they end a sentence and even though it is just two little words, it has a massive impact. And to 'fit in' to the culture where everyone appreciates anyone, it has become a habit which I am ever so grateful for. And I know I'll probably get weird looks for thanking everyone and anyone back hope, I'm still going to do it because one 'thank you' can go a long way! P/S: It is not my intention to make asians sound ungrateful or anything, it is just not the norm to thank someone for "doing their job."

6. Mobile Data Plan

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Ughhh how do I begin. Okay so when I came over three years ago, I struck gold with my mobile phone plan where I pay less than £20 per month and I get unlimited data and texts with my plan. And it gets better - my data plan basically allows me to use my phone at no extra costs, overseas with 12GB data and all that cool stuff. And if you're in Singapore or Asia, you'd know that an average mobile phone plan is about 2GB monthly and it costs about £30-ish. So trust me, I'm going to miss having my affordable mobile data service even though I'm probably going to keep it going for a couple of months because I actually get to use it back home!

7. Four Seasons

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Being in Singapore, the only season I've grown up in is Summer. And I know that a lot of people love and enjoy the summer weather but me, I love a good cold winter. But I've never got to experience a full four seasons until I moved to the UK and boy I love me a good weather transition! My favourite has got to be Autumn and Winter just because of the beautiful colours, the light coats, slowly moving towards the puffy jackets and thick blankets of snow - truly, it just brings me so much joy. I'm going to miss the four seasons so much and the gorgeous outfits you can put together with the different layers and accessories to top everything off (or hide unwashed hair).

8.  Beautiful Architecture

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Here's the thing, UK is old. Like ancient - well not really, but it's old. As such, tons of beautiful buildings are still standing tall. With so much character and design that tells a great story or just filled with great history. I guess coming from a city with an urban jungle where the skyline is decorated with sky scrappers and bright lights, old buildings with blunt edges, statues, figures and different lines going in all directions, is a really nice change. Not to mention, they make every picture so post-card worthy. So I'm going to definitely miss just admiring the gorgeous architecture when I'm out and about.

9. Scenic Train Rides

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Train rides back home are often a battle field where the (some) elderly who could barely walk a couple of feet without the support of their crane, suddenly becomes olympians with weapons who runs to a seat and creating obstacles so you'd trip on their shopping trolley instead of sitting down. Nonetheless, the trains are clean and gets you places and it works, it really does. But train rides in the UK are just different just because the country is about ten any times larger than home, the journey is a treat to the eyes with tons of greenery, farms and all sorts. And coming from an urban jungle, it is really quite a sight! So I guess that is something I'm going to miss when I go home. But then again, I'm also looking forward to having quick trains that arrive between 3 to 5 mins instead of one every hour?

10. Europe just a short flight away

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The first solo trip I took in the UK was just an hour's flight away where I found myself in the beautiful Amsterdam. Honestly, I was more surprised than anything because the fares do not cost an arm and a leg, it is also a pretty easy process and you get to a new country in just about the same time as you take to get into the city. How awesome is that! You could literally step foot in a new country with completely different weather conditions in less than an hour and it's just mind blowing for me. And truly, this is something I'm going to miss.

As I write this, I have about twenty days of being a resident in the UK and honestly, I'm feeling a little bittersweet. I can't wait to be with my family and friends but the UK has so many things to love and enjoy. But I'm sure one day I'm going to be back, whether as a tourist or making this my second home, I will be sure to!

With that being said, let me know what your favourite part of being in UK (or your home country) is! X