potted plant on window with curtain

Hey friends!

Welcome back to my space - today's post is a little different because well, it's not something I try out very often which is a DIY project. So if you didn't know, I live in a rented flat which I'm about to move out of pretty soon. And with rented flat, comes many restrictions and responsibilities. For instance, you can't drill holes or make permanent changes to the space and you leave it the way you came to it. This can be a good and bad thing, good because it kind of forces you to think out of the box to get stuff done, especially in the area of decorating. Bad because well, it is very restrictive and often, things fall off because they are hung up quite unstably. 

ANYWAYYYY, today's post is all about putting up curtains for less than a tenner and the best part - no drilling required! So my living room window gets quite a bit of sunlight and where I am at, there is quite a bit of foot traffic that passes and more often that not, I feel quite exposed and worried about people peeking in and all that. And because of that, I leave my curtains closed most of the time which makes the room rather dark since well, they are black out curtains. So because of that, I wanted to have a set of sheer curtain to give me the privacy as well as letting a bit of light in during the day and having the black out curtains available too.

Looking at the pics above, you can see that my curtain area is not the most forgiving because is drilled in, which makes only enough room for one set of curtains. So with a little bit of creative thinking and a small budget, I set out to find an alternative to have both the black out and sheer curtains. 

So I ventured into Wilko and no, this is not a paid, sponsored nor gifted post - and found these items for my little DIY project and all of these costed less than £10. 

First up: the curtains. Since my black out curtains were a short length, I thought it would only make sense to match the length and I went for the Wilko Voile Plain Slot Top Grey 145 x 137cm. Online it is priced at £4, but when I was at the store they were £3 each! So you might want to pop down to your local wilko for a better price if you'd like! 

Next - the hooks. I picked up these Wilko Removable Adhesive Hook Small Square 5pk for £2.50 and made sure that the next item (rod) fits nicely into it and sits properly! Make sure you get ones that are removable so they don't leave a mark or rip off any paint because well, rented woes.

The final piece - the rod! I got the Wilko Net Rail 150 - 200cm for £1.50 at the store but online it's £2.50. I'm not exactly sure why there is a price difference or they might just have wanted to clear old stocks on the day I was there but again, if you're able to, pop down to the shops and check them out. So before I got the curtains, I measured the width of my window just to make sure that it fits and this was the best option for mine. They are a range of lengths and sizes available so be sure to get your measuring tape out and get the right numbers!


Step 1: Place the hooks. I know this is easy enough but try your best to pick a spot that you can put the hooks on, on both ends just so it balances everything out. You can use little things like a fork or anything that has a set width to make sure that you have something to measure out on both ends properly.

Step 2: Slot the curtains. Easy enough for sure, just make sure that you extend the rod to the ideal length before putting through the curtains up. Once that is sorted, make sure that it is facing the right way. Obvious I know but your girl here hung it up backwards, which looked a bit weird but I only realised it after I looked at it. 

Step 3: Hang it up. Now that you have your hooks in place and your curtains slotted through, the last step is to simply hang it up. If you're doing it with help, make sure that the rod doesn't bend a weird way else it might snap. And if you're doing it by yourself, have something to lean the other end of the rod to make sure it doesn't bend or have the curtains sliding down. And once you're done, take a look at it and see if the rod is bending weird  a certain way especially in the middle. If it does like mine, you will have one more step to go and if you don't - congratulations, you're sorted!

Step 4*: add a buffer. Okay so when I found that the middle of my rod was bending weird for some reason, I thought the best way to balance it all out is to have something holding the rod up from the middle. So I simply picked up a spare hair tie, looped it to the existing rod and there we have it! If for some reason, you're doing this without a rod that already exist, simply add one or two more hooks between the ones of the ends and you now have more support.

This is a bad picture but here's how it looks like! I took all these pictures at night and did all of this by myself so please pardon me for the ~ less than aesthetic ~ pictures but I hope they have been helpful if you find yourself in a situation similar to mine. And don't forget, you can always change the sizes of the hooks and rods to have heavier or lighter curtains on!