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Hey friends!

Okay, so we are way too late for January faves and too early for Feb faves, so I guess that calls for a current-fave-situation? Lets jump on right in!

1. Longchamp Backpack
I am 100% a backpack girl despite my great love for crossbodies and ever since I went to Paris last summer, I haven't gotten this bag off my back! This little number looks mini but it fits heaps of items. I'm thinking of doing a 'what is in my bag' soon but as of now, trust me that I carry a good amount of things around all the time. This is not only water resistant but also really easy on the shoulders because of the straps. It's also great for travel because it has a zip and a clasp which makes it really secure! Not only that, you can compress the bag down to a tiny little pouch size for you to pop into your hand luggage when you're jetting off to somewhere as a day bag! The one that I am currently using is from the Club series and they do a pretty good range of colours. Check them out on the longchamp site!

2. Fluffy Dressing Gown
TU Clothing
This is my best friend especially in the winter months but if I'm just lounging around at home, you'll most likely find me wrapped up in one. This was a recent impulse purchase on my little trip to Sainsburys but I got this for just £11 because they were putting a selected range of items on sale for up to 50%! I got mine in a size XL and I can basically drown in it and it is SO soft and everything out of my dreams. Plus it has penguin prints all over so essentially it's perfect.

3. Primark Socks
Ankle Sock 7Pk
I'm not going to lie, when I went to get these, I left with many other things - ah the curse of Primark! So I discovered these while I was at the check outs and after getting a pair, I had to go back and get more because they are really affordable while being of great quality! They are thick but not sweat-inducing. They are also of a pretty good length where you can wear your shoes without having soccer-socks but you don't have to suffer socks slipping down into your shoes. So if you're a big fan of cute socks that are functional, head over to Primark and get yourself some!

4. Airpods
This was my Christmas gift from Aidan and it was probably one of the best gifts from him because it is something he paid attention to because I was on a look out for wireless earphones! I loveeee these because they are really comfy in my ears and super easy to use. It's handy and compact to bring around but they have their downsides too - if I have my hair down and try to take the pods out, they usually get tangled and I end up dropping them.. And yes, I've dropped them down on cold hard ground and each time it bounced off the floor my heart broke. Nonetheless, it still works perfect so if you're an apple fan and you need some wireless earphones, I'd recommend the airpods!

5. Heat Holders
Ladies 1 Pair Heat Holders 3.2 Tog Heatweaver Yarn Gloves Product Image
Such a fancy word for gloves isn't it? I get cold hands very easily and I have weirdly small hands so it was quite a journey to look for the ideal pair of gloves until I found these! These are fleece lined gloves with a knitted outer layer that keeps my hands warm and cosy when I'm out and about. They are also really affordable given the quality and I've had these for over a year now and they work and wash well. It also has a good range of colours that suit all your fashion choices so take your pick!

6. Criminal Minds
Image result for criminal minds
Study Breaks Mag
I am OBSESSED with this show and trust me when I say that I'm devastated that I'm finished with season 14 and the entire series will end at 15. If you want a little run down of the show, check out my post where I recommended the best crime series to binge on. Regardless, this show is so well written, highlighting the relationship between the characters as well as the storylines behind all the different crimes while weaving a long standing war between certain criminals and characters. Plus point - they casted Daniel Henney to join the already beautiful cast so my eyes are definitely loving it all.

7. Stephanie Soo

It feels so weird to just put a person's name as one of my favourite but I have watched ALL of her videos. And by ALL I meant, allllllllllll of them. She is a mukbanger/vlogger and I like her because she doesn't make the cringe worthy sounds with her mouth and she tells REALLY entertaining stories in her mukbangs. So it is not just watching her eat quietly and awkwardly but also diving into the world of crimes, conspiracy theories and all about her life. So if you enjoy story time videos, deffo give her a check out!

8. Beautiful

I don't know why but I love this particular song so much and it came on randomly on my Spotify mix a couple weeks ago and since then, I haven't been able to stop listening to it. It is almost like a little routine to kick off my Spotify app with this tune, plus I personally love Camila Cabello's voice so everything kinda-sorta works?

9.  Oil burner & essential oils

I received this from Aidan's mom for Christmas and I've been using it since! I got myself a cute set of essential oils that includes peppermint and lavender scents and I just pop 3 to 5 drops into the water and put on a tea light candle and there you have it - a relaxing hour on. This is especially great for cosy nights in (or days since the nights are so long) and I also get to change up the scents depending on my mood and it is affordable compared to actual candles. However, be warned that the scents don't fill the whole flat, it fills my sitting room just enough before it starts to fade out which is good because overpowering smells can induce headaches! So I really do like this for how versatile and quick to use it is.

10. You

I know everyone is jumping on this you-ship (everythingship) right now and I really wanted to save this for my long-ass plane ride in March but you know, me and self-control are not the best friends. So, I bit the bullet and binged the entire season in a day and it got me feeling all sorts - from the horror of how vulnerable how social media can make a person to how easy it is to fake a life from behind the screen and everything in behind a crazy and obsessive person. Nonetheless, I felt this show was really well written and if you enjoy thrillers plus a little dash of Penn Badley gracing your screen since his GG days, you're going to enjoy this one! 


And there we have it! I hope that you found something fun to try out/love from my list of current faves and I will see you in the next one X