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Hey friends!

Welcome back to my blog and today, LOVE IS IN THE AIR! Okay, maybe not - but I just wanted to share with you guys some VeeDay gift ideas that you can both DIY or buy, depending on how you (and your wallet) are feeling so let's jump right in!

♥ DIY (Do It Yourself) ♥

1. 'Open When' letters

black pen beside envelop and knit scarf
I've personally done this many times, for friends and my partner and honestly, it is one of my favourite gifts to make ever! Not going to lie, it takes tons of time and creativity just because you have to think and imagine different scenarios and tailor it according to the person and then either write a letter, pop a gift card or even a little candy bar! If you need a little guide, you can definitely check out Shutterfly, Berries and Jo My Gosh for some!

Letters To My Love on Amazon*
Heart Print Paper Cards on Amazon*

Don't be scared to change it up and instead of putting them into an envelope, you can pop them into a massive jar where you can easily get from Amazon, Ikea or a thrift shop.
Kilner Square Clip Top Jar 2ltr | Kilner Preservation Jar, Kilner Storage Jar, Kilner Jam Jar with Cliptop Lid
Kilner Jars*

2. Kits For Two

picnic basket on table
Picture from: Bonnie
This is where you can go all out if you'd prefer and like all good gifts, put in some good thought and personalize them. From a movie night to a picnic day out, the ideas are endless. I found the cutest 'cuddle kit' from The Dating Diva and it contains some really adorable things like a bottle of wine, custom cushions, a warm fleece, a good ol' movie and of course, some chocolates!

3.  The 52 things I love about you

 Picture from happilyeverafteretc
So your friend/partner is a poker card lover? Well this is one for you - check out this quick and easy DIY project where you can not only put together in no time but also use it as a chance to tell your valentine all the things you love about them! This idea is from happilyeverafteretc! If you need to get your hands on some cute deck of cards, check out these ones available on amazon!

For the medieval lovers*

Rainbow Lovers*

Geometric Pastel Patterns*

4. Sweet Like Candy

So, V day is not only limited to being celebrated by two people because a group works too! Whether they are your friends or even you know, your partners, this one is sure to be a big hit. Plus it looks super adorable and effortless to make.
Simple Valentine's Day Gift Idea that can also be used as favors! livelaughrowe.com
Picture from Live Laugh Rowe
All you need are clear tubes and vday coloured candies and the world is your oyster - you can either go with a little pick and mix selection or the little nerds that would make it a treat to eat! Personalise each tube with some cute stickers or even print out a little note on a sticky paper and you are good to go. Again, you don't have to limit yourself to these tubes like the picture above because other things like a spice jar or even a mesh drawstring pouch works as well! I've put together a couple of containers that you might like so go on!

Kirrex Glass Spice Jars*
Kilner Screw Top Jars*
BENECREAT Drawstring bags*
5. DIY Bouquets

KFC have created the chicken bouquet which 20 lucky people will be able to win via a competition run on their Facebook page
Daily Mail
Okay so in 2017, KFC held a competition to let 20 lucky winners walk away with a bouquet of fried chicken and I thought it was such a different and fun thing to do! If you are or know someone that loves a good bucket of fried chicken, this is the kind of bouquet you can go for! I'm not sure if many shops do this but it shouldn't be too difficult  to put together! All you need are some sticks, fried chicken and probably some greaseproof paper for the first layer and you can bring it up a notch with some felt or coloured tissues! 

Image result for money bouquet
I feel like this bouquet would go down with ANYONE because lets be real, who would turn down a bouquet full of cash? Toss the material items aside and use the money and your creativity skills to make a money bouquet as basically the most practical gift ever. I would recommend that you practice on some paper first though, just to prevent ripping up any bills ;)

♥ BIY (Buy It Yourself - lol) ♥
1. Personalised Wine Glass

Getting Personal
I love me a good glass of wine every now and then on a special occasion which I'm sure many of you do too. And what better way to enjoy that glass of wine with a beautiful custom one? There are tons and tons of businesses that do some gorgeous ones so please feel free to carry out some research if you'd like! A quick google search brought me to Getting Personal and let's just say hello to this one with Swarovski diamonds! Talk about being OTT during this v day season!

2. Matching Passport Holders

image 0
If you and your partner love travelling and seeing the world, this would be the ultimate gift for them (and yourself). Apart from it being personalised and so cute, it also does a good deal on protecting your passports which is a very important thing especially if you're an avid traveller! You can get all sorts of designs from Etsy but here are some of my faves:

image 0
image 0

3. Candy Bouquets

Okay, lets be real, flowers get WAY too overpriced during valentines! And if you're not a big fan of the chicken or money bouquets, this one is for you. Get into the good books of someone with a sweet tooth and satisfy their sweet cravings for weeks (or days) with these bouquets!

Sweetie Boutique
Know someone with a sweet tooth? Well, this one would surely satisfy those candy cravings for a couple of weeks (or hours) with this amazing bunch of kinder chocs! This was my first choice because kinder buenos are one of my favourites and it only made sense to share them with you!

Celebrate Gifts
Take a trip down memory lane with this selection of old school candies that not only take you back to childhood but also the perfect gift to go with a movie night! How cute!

4. Custom Playlist
person holding disc with doodles
Remember the days where making mixtapes and giving it to your partner was the most romantic gesture ever? Well gone are those days since the downfall of cassettes and disks players. Damn, I feel old saying that sentence. Now that we are in the day of Spotify, Apple Music or even Youtube, it helps the mixtape-making process a ton easier. But that doesn't mean that has to be boring because you can do so much with it, from writing a poem with the song lyrics to sending a secret message through them, the options are endless! If you want something physical, you can always embed the link to the playlist into a QR code and make it into a really cute card or book mark so they can always access it easily!


And there have it! Some valentine day gift ideas that is perfect for your partner or friends for the big day! I hope that this post gave you a little bit of ideas on what you can do regardless of your budget or level of creativity/effort so go on and make this the best v day yet! X

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