tilt-shift lens photography of smartphone captured fish-eye lens photograph photo of people crossing on pedestrian lane

Hey friends!

Welcome back to my space, how are you all doing? Today I wanted to share with you my must-have photo apps if you're a content creator like me, or you just love your photos! Before we jump right in, I want to say that I'm not a professional and I don't take the best pictures out there. But I do have a lot of fun taking photos and editing them to my liking and sharing it with my friends and family! Without further ado, let's jump right into the first app:


I've got to know about this app ages ago and I felt like it has been one of the best kept secrets for some reason? Although I know that it is not true because tons of people use this app, I still find that this is the one place where you can use similar prefixes but have very different outcomes just because of the variety of options you're given. Before jumping over to my current filter, my favourite was the HB1 where it gives a very high contrast look.

Before and after photo edits using VSCO cam photo editing app
Before // After
I don't know why I like it, maybe because it makes an image slightly sharper and crisper with it on? But I usually just play around with the contrast, brightness and saturation to achieve the ideal filter on that image. I don't stick to a specific setting because pictures come in different lightings and all that so if you're on the app, don't be scared to adjust and play around to get your desired colours! VSCO also has a feed section where you can share your pics, just like instagram but slightly more.. indie if I could say so myself!

2. HUJI Cam

This is one of my new favourite apps that I've found in 2018 thanks to many of my friend's recommendations! It is the one for those who have a soft spot for the vintage vibes with random light flashes, adding that little 'character' to your pics.

Screen shot of HUJI Cam front page in iphone app

Screen shot of HUJI Cam in iphone app

So this app is FREE where you can enter the app, take a picture and download it. But if you're someone that prefers to take your pictures in other apps or just the main camera app, you can pay about a pound-ish where you can upload your own pictures and edit it accordingly!

If you're not a fan of the dates or random light spots, don't forget that you can turn it off in the settings page!

3. Unfold

Now this one is a little number that has gotten me a few questions but basically, if you're an avid lover and user of Insta Stories like me, you'll find yourself wanting to bring up that instastory game or even just to exercise your creativity in your posting, you're going to like this one.

screenshot of Unfold showcasing templates available v1 screenshot of Unfold showcasing templates available v1

So this app basically gives you a range of insta story templates to choose from and you can add in videos and or pics for you to post! The sizes of each 'page' is added and it just gives you a different way to add quotes, captions and other fun stuff with different fonts than what Instagram has to offer. Unfortunately, this app is not free but if you use insta story daily, I highly recommend that you purchase because you can not only post your insta stories differently, but also change things up every now and then!

screenshot of Unfold showcasing templates sets availablescreenshot of Unfold showcasing templates sets available

Unfold have frequent updates with new templates, especially on special occasions such as holidays so don't forget to keep updating the apps because you just may find something you like!

4. Sparkle Cam

You know the KiraKira App that everyone loves? The one that adds sparkles onto anything that shines? And also the one that costs a good amount, just to add sparkle? Yes that one. Well, because I don't really want to spend money just to add a little sparkle onto items, I found this alternative because welllllll.

Sparkle Cam screenshot showcasing filter abilities  

Pardon my messy console area but that is my life rn okay girl. But here you can see the bling bling in the picture and you can adjust the level of spark you want from the top right corner. It also has a little filter section which can help add a little something-something to your photos so if you're looking for the free version of kirakira, here you have it!

Sparkle Cam App Icon for iPhone

I especially like it for taking pictures of shiny things from candle flames to jewellery or just random lights, and if you're like me, be sure to get your hands on this!

5. Instagram/Snapchat

Okay, I get that this one is a little cliche but I use these apps to edit and use filters on top of posting on them. I feel like instagram has some of the best filters, even better than snapchat if I dare say! I personally prefer IG more especially when they started working with different designers for different filters.

selfie using instagram filter for Beauty3000 by johwska  selfie using instagram filter for Beauty3000 by johwska

One of my favourite that I've recently found is the Beauty3000 by @johwska, very similar concept to Troye Sivan - Bloom (Lyric Video)

Sometimes I'll take pics from these apps, transfer them to either VSCO or HUJI, edit them and post them onto social media and they do not need to be used in order or own their own! So head on and get downloading if you find yourself interested in any of these apps!
I hope that these helped you a little and gave you a little inspo for the new year for your pics! Till next time X
P/S: I use an iphone so all of these apps should be available for iOS, I'm not too sure about the android world but if you do, please let me know if they are available!