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Hey friends!

I hope you're all well, today's post is all about CRIME. Well, crime shows! I don't know if I've talked about this much, but over the last few years, I've found myself to be more and more intrigued and interested in the whole crime world!

It is 100% not something I would expect because trust me, I was that hardcore rom-com, korean/taiwanese drama girl. I remember the days where I would fall head over heels with characters from Boys Over Flowers, You're Beautiful and even Dream High! Nowadays, I struggle to actually watch these shows but I find myself crazy-binging on crime series.

And yes, incase you wonder, I do get nightmares from these shows but it is just SO good, I cannot stop watching them! If you know me, you'd know when I love something, I usually want to share it with everybody and anybody that will listen, so since you guys are my friends, you kind of fall into the group of people I want to share things with. Let's jump right in!

1. The Mentalist

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This series is based around an ex-conman (Jane) who has amazing people skills where he uses his observation and negotiation skills as a consultant to help the CBI solve crimes. There are seven seasons to this series with 151 episodes! It has a great mix of humour and storyline to the series where every episode brings a different crime while having a long-running backstory that slowly unfolds through the seasons, bringing to light why the main character is who he is and how he moved from being a con-man to working for the CBI.

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My favourite is actually the second main character called Theresa, she is a badass lead cop and she not only is the only one that knows how to handle Jane through his different tricks and questionable morals!

2. Person Of Interest

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Think Batman but in a modern and realistic setting. The two main characters are Reese - ex CIA agent with amazing combat-spy skills situation along with with Finch - a super smart counterpart. The unlikely pair take on crimes using advanced recognition technology to identify criminals and solve/stop crimes.

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This series has a range of characters and the development between some are better than the others, unfortunately one of my favourite characters had to leave the show but during the time, I truly enjoyed the acting and the partnership with one of the main characters. I'm trying my best to be very vague because I don't want to give away any spoilers but when you meet the characters and see how they work together, you'll understand and love them! This series has five seasons and was unfortunately not renewed for six, but you get a couple of good ones in so enjoy it while it lasts!

3. Elementary

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Okay, I know there are tons and tons of Sherlock Holmes remake and it is not easy to trump Benedict Cumberbatch's role of Sherlock BUT, Elementary does it for me pretty well. Surrounding a power duo of an ex-drug addict (Holmes) with inquisitive crime solving skills and a partner (Watson), a former surgeon and the only person who can keep Holmes grounded, they take on challenging cases as consultants to the NYPD.

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This pair brings out the best in each other - from the chaos that brought their initial meeting to a mid separation that somehow forces them to work independently and to the final reuniting, you get to see how their relationship develops and also question the kind of people that may potentially be in the world because.. the crimes, you know... ugh. The show is currently at 6 seasons and the seventh is due to release in Fall this year!

4. Lie To Me

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This series is more focused on human behaviour, micro-expressions and other body language to determine if a party is guilty. There is not much focus on the crime and the story behind it but more of some kind of educational series where you get to learn how to read someone's thoughts without them saying a word. And I get that it is mostly fictional, the kind of facial features and cues that are pointed out can actually be related to real life - if for some reason that you might need to know that? It is based around an English man who is a leading deception researcher who helps the police and other parties discover what the truth is.

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I especially like this because of the different take on crime shows but it also places a large focus on the relationship between the main character and his daughter and proving that at the end of the day, humans are humans. Unfortunately this series only has three seasons which is a shame because it is actually a really good one.

5. Criminal Minds

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I've saved the best for the last - this is currently my third favourite series of all time and my ultimate recommendation for any crime series. It currently has 14 seasons and  will end of 15 with a good ten episode series. I don't really know where to begin on why I like this show because there are so many parts that I enjoy but basically this centrals around a group of profilers who are part of the FBI and they study cases to come up with a profile of the suspect. They then use the reading of body language and facial expressions, voice pitches and all that to determine who the criminal is. But apart from all of that, I especially love how this series places a great focus on the relationship between the characters in the team.

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It is written in a way where they are a family and they go through different things where it can make you laugh and cry with them. This series has quite a good shuffle of characters but they do it in such a way where you not only get to meet new characters but also reconnect with the old ones, even when they left the show. The team is made up of very different personalities and skills but they just all work so well, so trust me on this and get started on this series when you can! P/S: my favourite characters are Emily, Reid & Garcia!


And there you have it! My five favourite crime series and as you can tell, I'm rather obsessed with human behaviour and how people can use it to solve crimes and if you have anything like that to recommend, be it books, films or series, please let me know!