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Hey friends!

I hope you've all had a great Christmas! I can't believe it's come and gone so quickly now and weirdly, my mind is already in 2019? Anyway, in today's post, I thought it'd be fun to share with you guys my best 9 pics from my Instagram and sharing with you guys the story behind that picture. It's just a throwback of 2018 with the highlights so please enjoy:

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1. Paris

This was taken on in Paris and it was not only bloody scary for me because we had to sit on a ledge which had a very high chance of you plummeting down into cold hard ground. But thank goodness, I did have to do the whole jump up thing because Aidan let me step up on his knee, leaving sandy foot prints on his thigh just so I could grab a nice insta pic. So props to him and for some reason, this was the most liked pic! Effort well worth I'd say 😝

2. He's Done It!

If you know Aidan, you'd know he is the most hard working and caring person. He has many strengths but studying just somehow isn't one of them. He's given tons of shots at studying and after a good number of years, he has finally graduated with a degree! I'm so proud of him and his family all are too so this was not only a special day but a really special picture too! P/S: Even though this was in Summer, there was a crazy wind that day and I had to run through town, carrying these massive balloons with my hair and the balloons slapping into my face. Want to know the best part? The tiny one flew off not ten minutes after he got it..

3. Friendcation

Over the summer, some of my best friends popped by UK for the first time to hang out with me and it was the best thing ever. This is one of my favourite pictures because we look way too happy (trust me, we were posed-laughing, which makes it even funnier) and it was also in a place none of us would have dreamt of visiting together. It was a really nice memory and we've had the best summer just visiting cities, showing them where I've spent the last few years and just enjoying each other's company!

4. A little afternoon tea

Seems like I'm not the only one that loves a cheeky afternoon tea? This was taken at Cloud23 in Hilton Hotel Manchester and I am really excited to share, I got this one the best deal ever. Friends, please meet my other friend, Groupon. THIS IS NOT PAID NOR SPONSORED but I just love this because I get so much discounts, especially with food places in Manchester where it can get a little bit costly. If you're looking for the particular deal for Cloud23, click through here to Groupon for it!

5. The Megan Markle Dream

I think it's safe to say, I've lived out my princess fantasy through this picture! Trying my best to recreate the iconic megan markle picture outside of Buckingham Palace cracked some people up and I'm glad it did! This was also taken in Summer on the friendcation trip when we were spending a night in London and got up really early the next day to explore the landmarks before taking our train to Paris!

6. Graduation Part One of Two

This was taken on the day I went and got a professional graduation picture taken when I completed my degree! I don't have much to say about this except after all the pictures were taken, I realised I got lipstick on my teeth and was borderline freaking out that it was going to show in the final pictures. Which would definitely suck because girl, it was expensive to get those pictures done! Thankfully, the photography team did a great job in photoshopping it away so all is good!

7. A Little Pick Me Up

This was taken earlier this year in Bali on my family trip which I am very excited to say that I'll be visiting there soon again! But this photo not only captures my much needed holiday, but also one that speaks about my journey of self-love and body confidence. It has taken the longest time where I got made fun and reminded about all the things about being overweight from friends, family, teachers, acquaintances and people that don't even know my name. But hey, I am so happy on where I am now and I love myself and sometimes, that's more than enough.

8. London Calling

This was taken by the River Thames, very early into the morning! From the picture it is gloomy af and we thought it would be nice to grab a cuppa and some breakfast in the Pret nearby. So we just went about doing that and not more than 30 mins later, the gloomy skies cleared up and the day was as beautiful as it can get! Check out my megan markle recreation to see the difference!

9. Team Wongs

Don't really know what's funnier - Liz crying like we've done her wrong, or my brother trying to be a 12 year old girl with his peace sign. Regardless, this is one of my favourite pictures because my two younger siblings are in it with me and there's nothing and no one I love more than my family. I can't wait for us to go back and recreate this picture next year! Hopefully Liz wouldn't be crying her eyes out like this!


And there we have it! These are my Instagram Best Nine of 2018 and the little stories behind them. I hope that you've enjoyed it and what is your favourite photo of 2018? Tell me the story behind them! X Also, if you're on Instagram, don't forget to send me a follow and let me know you're from this post so I can follow you back X @cherylwonggg