Hey friends!

Welcome to day 9 of Blogmas! Today we are talking all about GAMES - I am sure you're getting ready for the big day or if you're a very busy person and have multiple parties to hosts/go to, this could be a useful one for you! I know that Christmas parties can be all about getting drunk, catching up and what not, but should you find yourself in a situation where you are bored out of your wits, here are a couple of games you could bring to the party and probably save a few other bored people too!

1. Pass The Sprout

So this is kind of like a different take of Pass The Parcel where this little ball of fun contains a forfeit and or a gift after every layer. So what you can do is sit around, either in a circle or just a formation where you can pass things comfortably. You then put on a song or get someone to yell stop or just randomly point at someone to throw the ball to, they will then get to unravel the layer and either enjoy the gift or the forfeit! You can also make this yourself for sure and just ball up some foil or newspaper and stick a piece of task/gift per layer and you're good to go! This can definitely be taken up to crazy notches or just family friendly, depending on your crowd and you can keep everyone entertained with this little game!

2. Reindeer Ring Toss
Credits The Works
We all love a good game of ring tosser and we all love it a little more where we can toss on someone (or at someone). This is a Christmassy twist on the traditional toss-a-ring game where you can find in carnivals where it is not only portable but fun for all ages! Simply inflate this, pop it on the poor victim's head and toss away!

3. Christmas Charades
This is a good old classic game of Charades where you can include everyone at the party and find out if anyone has some hidden acting skills! Just write down a list of Christmas related scenarios or Christmas terms and put everyone into teams, get a timer going and you have a quick and easy game that can bring out some good laughs! If you'd prefer to save the trees or you just don't have any stationary near by, try out this Christmas Charades Generator and you can easily get the terms on the go!

4. Pin The Nose on Rudolph
So this one would require you to do a little prepping in advance - basically this is like pin the tail on the donkey but this time, Rudolph is the star of the show. You can do this simply by printing an edited picture of Rudolph without his nose and get some round red stickers and a piece of cloth and get the game going! This would be amazing for kids or adults (with some booze in) and you're sure to have tons of fun!

5. Hallmark Movie Bingo Game
Country Living
I found this bingo game on Country Living and it sounds hilarious! Print out a couple of this and put it around the sitting room and have your Christmas films on replay with your guest and get this bingo list checking going! I think this is something I will be trying at home since I am ready to start the Christmas films at 8am and going allllll the way with it!

6. Christmas Oven Mitts Challenge

How hilarious is this video! I think this would be amazing for everyone who is at the party, you just have to make sure that you have a kickass gift that is wrapped with tons of layers and tapes! It would make for such great fun and you can either prepare a couple of gifts so you could go a couple of rounds or just one massive one where everyone does it on a timer! Also, don't worry about having to spend too much on the gifts, just get a bag of yummy crisps, a bottle of wine, a pack of chocolate bar, basically anything that you feel could be opened and shared with everyone at the party!


And there you have it! 6 super fun and easy games for you to play or bring up over the Christmas parties you will host/attend just to let everyone have that little bit more fun!