Hey friends!

Welcome back to day 8 of blogmas! Today I'm sharing with you guys a little travel bucket list of places I would love to spend Christmas at one day! I know, this is like 10 years worth of Christmas dreams, but hey, a girl should dream and work towards it right? So let's begin!

1. Zurich, Switzerland

How beautiful are these pictures? Switzerland is one of those places that still feels SO far from reach. It is kind of like a place where I feel that I have to be travelling 28 hours to reach the city but in reality, it is a two hour flight away!

2. New York City

Is there anything more bucket-list worthy than Christmas in the big apple? Visiting NYC has always been a dream, but being there in Christmas gives me the same feeling as visiting Disneyland - just plain magic. I can't wait for the day where I could freeze my butt off sipping on a hot cuppa in Central Park and then making my way to the ice rink and snap tons of pictures, just revealing in the wonder of skyscrapers!

3. Budapest, Hungary

Eeeek! How exciting does this look? You already know that I love Christmas Markets and just seeing this picture packed with the stalls and christmas decorations, it truly just makes me way too happy even though I have zero plans of popping by Budapest for Xmas anytime soon!

4. Amsterdam

I have been to Amsterdam once, on my first solo trip in the EU and it was gorgeous, minus the smell of pot at every corner. I really do want to go back to Amsterdam but definitely during the Christmassy period just because I want to witness the frozen lakes and take in all the festive vibes!

5. Australia

Okay so growing up in a country where it is summer 24/7, it is no surprise that I've spent some Christmases sweating my make up off and witnessing my hair go as flat as the ground after spending ages on it. So a hot Christmas is nothing new, BUT, how cool would it be to be on a beach with a couple beers and a christmas sandwich just spending the holidays though?

7. Hallstatt, Austria
This is another one of my dream places to visit, just to see this sight - how amazing is this? I could never imagine being surrounded by mountains in the winter and just being around little houses looking ever so cute and magical! I probably have to go through way too much time on the road to get to this beautiful spot but to spend a couple days over Christmas in this space would be a dream come true!

8. Helsinki, Finland
This straight out looks like a Christmas Market opened right outside Cinderella's castle or something! Apparently this city gets as cold as -4 degrees on a regular winter day, and I could not imagine just hanging outside in that weather but heck I do want to experience it some day! Honestly though I could not get over how beautiful this picture is and apparently the markets have over 120 stalls and it is the oldest and largest event in Helsinki! 

9. Stockholm, Sweden
I have always wanted to visit Stockholm just because it feels so mysteriosly beautiful - it's so classy yet somehow looks like it has so much secrets you could explore. Or maybe I am just a crazy asian girl going slightly crazy from researching all these gorgeous places I want to visit some day. I have a new found love for Sweden ever since I met a swedish friend in Uni and I really just want to head over and experience this whole new culture (where everyone and everything is SO good looking!).

10. Lapland


Okay if these pictures do not scream the perfect Christmas Wonderland, I don't know what else will ever do? I feel like this is where Santa truly lives and I have never seen a place covered in this much snow so honestly, it is going to either make me cry of cold or just of joy. P/S: I did not think that reindeers were real beings until I came to the UK, and I thought it was just me but apparently my dad thought they were mythical creatures too!