Blogmas #6: 10 of My Favourite Christmas Films

Hey friends!

Welcome back to day 6 of Blogmas! And today I'm sharing with you guys some of my favourite christmas/holiday related films to help you pick out some so you can binge watch them this festive season! Lets just jump right in -

Love Actually


I think this is something on everyone's Christmas to watch list but this is such a goodie! I love this story just because it gives a nice view into the lives of eight different people just living their lives in London during the Christmas Period. I am a sucker for Rom-Coms because I live for that fantasy which only exists in movies so every time I get to indulge in one, I do so, very intensely!

Also, how adorable was young Thomas Sangster? I mean I don't think he ever ages, he just kind of gets taller while having the same face?

The Polar Express
I remember this film came out when I was in Primary school and I was so excited!! I've always loved Christmassy films especially when they are filmed in snow against very European-sque backdrops so this was one that ticks all the spots! It is filled with magical scenes coupled with the whole message behind the journey of self-discovery. But honestly the scene that made me go borderline insane was the whole hole-punching ticket scene, I remember using my hole-puncher as a child and just put holes into papers, pretending I was a train conductor!

Princess Switch
This was a new release in Netflix and for some reason I caught on it really quickly, but anyway, this was one of the cheesy-christmas films that I enjoyed so much! Granted that it was probably written for kids so the setting can be quite 'fake', I was actually very much entertained and I found myself smiling at quite a number of scenes. If you're looking for a cute romance film featuring the beautiful Vanessa Hudgens and a prince charming in a modern day setting, this is the one for you!

Home Alone
I'm sure this film is no stranger to you but this is such an oldie but a goodie! I love the light-heartedness of this film and just the little things that Kevin would do which is not only brilliant for a child but crazy hilarious too! If you're looking for a film that is perfect to watch with your family with no awkward kissing weird scenes or anything that might create that three seconds of awkward silence, this is the one for you. Plus it is something that is not only festive but it is sure to go down well with people of all ages!

Me Before You
Okay I get that this is not the most festive film ever but this is my favourite film of all time! Plus they do have a little Christmassy scene so I'm just putting this in here just in the event where you just want a nice romantic film to watch! The characters of this film is written to be polar opposites and it developed to them just growing to embrace their differences and just ~ fall in love ~ you know? Adorable af and I just remember balling my eyes out when I read the book and I felt this is one of the films that was kept quite close to the book, which was probably why I enjoyed this so much!

Four Christmases
I feel like I might be a little biased here but any film with Reese Witherspoon in it, I just automatically enjoy. But basically this film is based around a couple who spend every holiday season on vacation just away from the family in some exotic island but somehow someway, this time round all of their plans just went downhill. And they are just left with no choice but to spend Christmas with their respective families and just getting to know them through their very own hilarious traditions! Definitely something that may be relatable and bring back some cute (or not so cute) memories for some of you!

Mean Girls
Cue Jingle Bell Rocks please! I don't know if you could class this as a Holiday Film but the well-loved mean girls film is honestly just a gem in the world of films! From the classic new girl in a new school, settling in with the popular girls with a VERY cool mom and not forgetting the cutest Aaron Samuels, what is there not to love? Also, just going a little off topic, did you guys read the post where writer from Cosmo thought that Lindsay Lohan actually played Cady but it was actually Elizabeth Gilles from Dynasty? I think the article is now removed but it was well hilarious!

Arthur Christmas
I watched this last year on Christmas and it just brings back some warm fuzzy feelings because I was in the most English-Christmas setting possible. But anyway, this film is basically about an extremely high-tech delivery system that Santa uses to send the presents but Alas a kid's gift was forgotten and the mission is about getting that gift to the kid before Christmas morning! It gives a really different spin on Santa and just talks about how it is a generational thing and who the next Santa will be when the current one retires and all that fun stuff you wouldn't expect in a film like this!

Office Christmas Party
This film is based around a pair of siblings who runs a chain of large business and the sister (Jennifer Aniston) is trying to shut down the branch that her brother was running due to low funds and all that jazz. So in a bid to prevent that from happening, the brother hosts the biggest Christmas Party to not only try to end it with a bang but also to impress a potential investor - I mean, what could go wrong right? Let's just say office chairs flew out the window, people were sliding off the stairs and people in massive snowmen costumes having a dance-off.

Why Him?
Featuring James Franco, this film is set around a goody-two-shoes girl who fell in love with a man who is the complete opposite of her but somehow both of them are just the perfect match. The pair then spent the holidays with the girl's family, including the disapproving strict father who was less than familiar with the free-spirited boyfriend and it was just the most hilarious watching them interact. This one has a little bit of crude humour so if you're up for a cheeky film, you're going to love it!


And there! 10 amazing films that you can either watch to get into the festive spirit or just put into a playlist for Christmas day! I hope that you've enjoyed this post and I can't wait to see you guys in tomorrow's! X

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