Hey friends!

Welcome back to day 5 of Blogmas! Today is a little personal kind of post because I will be sharing with you guys what I love about Christmas. And this is not like my other posts where I make recommendations or talk about my favourite products, it is just going to be a leisure kind of read for you guys and just me busking in the festive vibes with you.

My earliest memory of Christmas is my brother and myself being super excited about having tons of gifts under the Christmas tree in the place my family and I used to live in before my parents got separated. I remember the tree was pretty tall as it would to a child, and it was decorated with golden baubles and red ribbons with silver trimmings. Our tree topper was a porcelain kind of angel with gorgeous brown hair and a off-white, cream coloured dress! And my brother and I would be asked to post in front of the tree, nestle amongst the presents and just feeling so happy and excited!

Fast forward to today, I am sat in an apartment, half way across the world from where I call home, just a couple of steps away from the Christmas tree I ordered from Tesco and decorated with copper and gold baubles I got in Wilko. Nonetheless, I'm still feeling extremely festive especially with the weather so cold out and the mint candle just burning, giving me some pretty intense candy cane cravings! Alright, alright, enough of painting a picture of Christmas scenes in the life of Cheryl and let's jump right into what I love about Christmas, especially being in the UK.

Christmas Markets!
I bet you totally expected this but I LOVE the Manchester Christmas Markets, it is just filled with such amazing Christmas vibes with all the music, little huts and all the nice smelling food from dutch pancakes to mulled wine! I am probably the only person that would countdown and have dreams about the christmas markets because honestly, the things for sale are rather expensive and overtime, it does get repetitive.

But there is just this magical feeling about the markets, it could be because I've never had it growing up in Singapore, other than just seeing it through vlogs and blog posts from other content creators that me experiencing it now is just so surreal still.

Buying Presents
I am that person that genuinely prefers giving gifts than receiving gifts just because I feel like I've been very blessed and lucky to have gotten everything I've ever wanted from my family. So when people truly ask me what else do I need? I don't have much to say, and of course there are the occasional make up palettes or that pair of shoes that I can't bear to spend money on but overall, I don't need anything much! But anyway, I take Christmas as one of the occasions where I can not only show off how well I know the person but also show them some love through the gifts!

There is also that part about wrapping gifts that I love - when I was younger, I used to dream of being a gift wrapping professional at the departmental store near my flat. Like I truly loved wrapping things so much I would wrap my own stuff in newspaper and then unwrap them again - so yes, hi, I have a problem.

I feel that everything is so much prettier during the Christmas periods because shops and streets actually put in the effort to beautify places you know what I mean? When I was back in Singapore, I would be pretty excited to check out the lights in Orchard Road but nowadays they kind of just recycle the lights and it is really boring! In the past there would be different themed trees and what not, maybe they still do it now and I'm just not back often enough to notice them!

But then, in UK there are places like House of Fraser or Debenhams that would have some cute lights on, the high street with fairy lights and just pretty lights everywhere!

Plus points is that the sun sets so early these days that it just feels extra cosy, extra early and the lights are extra pretty!

Being with friends and family
When I was younger, I would celebrate Christmas with just my family. But as I grew older, I celebrated Christmas throughout the month of December with different groups of friends and just being home on Christmas day. Nowadays where I'm in the UK, I've been either by myself or with Aidan's family but nothing like when I was in Singapore. I'll admit it does get a little lonely just because Christmas in Singapore is often filled with loads of food, fun, games and all that with my friends and all the fun secret santa stuff.

But then in UK it's a lot quieter, but I still appreciate still being able to spend time with either Aidan or his family or just the company of my laptop you know. Okay, I don't know where this is heading but when I celebrated Christmas in Singapore, I was surrounded with friends and family and we would have loads of fun and I really enjoyed (and miss) that!

And there are all the things I love about Christmas and I hope that you have enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures! See you in tomorrow's post! X

Day 5's make up look is a little spin off on the Grinch!