Hey friends!

Welcome back to day 25 of Blogmas and MERRY CHRISTMAS! How quickly has this month gone by? We are at the last day of Blogmas and before we get into today's post, I'd just like to take this time to thank all of you for the support, love and everything amazing that has kept me going the last month!

Blogging everyday has not been an easy task so kudos to everyone that has taken part in Blogmas (even if you didn't do 25!). With that said, I'd like to end Blogmas by sharing with you guys four of my goals for 2019!

1. Read at least one book a month

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I know this is not a really high goal but this is something I am really looking to do more in 2019! I read a few books this year but it is not as much as I'd like to! I personally enjoy fiction books but I learn so much more when I read non-fiction so hopefully I get self-disciplined enough to get off technology and get more book time in!

2. Start earning from creating content

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I think one of my ultimate goal in life is to have a full time job in creating content, I love blogging, filming videos and all that but let's be honest, it is a long and difficult journey to get going. But I am determined to continue and keep pushing myself in 2019 to create more content that is not only of a higher quality, more effort and deffo more entertaining for you! And fingers crossed, I can make a little earning out of this because we all have bills to pay! I would like to add a disclaimer that the money is not a motivation, I just want to be able to earn from doing something I love!

3. Work out once a week

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I am horrible at working out, even at home! But now that this new flat has a bigger space to properly lay a yoga mat out. So honestly I have no more excuses or anything. Plus yoga is really good not only for the physical health but mentally too and honestly the last few months haven't been the best for me so I'm hoping by doing this, everything will move forward better!

4. Have a four digit savings

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Savings is not one of my strong suits, ask my family - I literally am the WORST when it comes to saving money. I am also going to be 25 in 2019 which really screams a quarter life crisis and I really should start planning for my future. I know many people will probably come at me because I technically should have some savings set aside but I'm just really bad when something is on sale or a new make up product comes out... so yes, I am hopefully going to TRY my best to hit a four digit number in savings....?


And there you have it, here are four of my 2019 resolutions! One thing I've learnt is to not set too many goals because it can get overwhelming and it's so much easier to remember on a daily basis which is great when you're working towards something!

Do you have any goals for 2019? Please share some with me so we can all work towards it together! X