Hey friends!

Welcome back to Blogmas Day 23! We are so close to Christmas and I'm not sure about you, but I'm just getting the last few bits ready for Christmas Day! Today I thought it'd be fun to share with you some of my favourite gift wrapping pictures/videos. I have a mild obsession with gift wrapping content and as you probably already know, one of my childhood dreams was to be a gift wrapper... Yes, I know!

So if you're looking to bring your wrapping game to the next level, keep on reading:

Brown Paper
This has quickly not only become a trend because of it's simplicity and room for creativity!

How cute is this! It makes the typical brown plain paper extra christmassy with the tree prints made from carved out potatoes! You can easily change the shapes and colours up and even make a family activity out of it! Feel free to throw in some ribbons or twine to give it a rustic look.

Another idea featuring plain brown paper but with addition of ornaments as present toppers! You can even consider adding custom ornaments so that the gift receiver can reuse them on their tree or simply as a key ring!

One Good Thing By Jillee
If you're someone who loves colour coordination, try this out - it is not only really festive but also very simple to put together! Simply get a variation of red (or your chosen colour) of ribbons, along with sprinkles or stickers as an additional something special.

Do you love yourself a little DIY project and ditch the traditional gift tags? Why not try this out and add a personal touch to the gifts by stamping/lettering their name on! Have a little fun and stamp the names in reverse so everyone can take some time to guess and figure it out!

Template and Webster
If you're an avid polka dot lover (sorry to anyone who has Trypophobia), get dotting with a white marker or even some white stickers and call it a day! It's quick, dainty and so cute!

Have a picture perfect moment that you'd love to share? This is the perfect one for you! Wrap your gift with a brown plain paper (or any that you'd like) and simply attach a printed picture at the front the present. You can even edit the pictures so that you can fit up to 4 images on a typical photo, or even opt for a polaroid picture to bring back a little bit of old school vibes.

Quick & Easy Wrapping Hack Videos

If you're pressed for time, I've got your back with these quick and easy wrapping videos that should get your wrapping done in no time. This is especially for the busy parents or the hard working individual who has so much love to give in the form of presents, but so little time to get them ready!

Alternative Wrapping Paper Ideas

I love me a good Christmassy wrapper but every now and then, I get inspired by the creative alternatives and here are some of my favourites!

Know an adventurer? This would be the perfect gift wrapper - recycle an old map or even find one that comes along with an old book or diary and there you have it, a gift suitable for a traveller!

Um presente duplo, embale o presente principal com um lenço. É uma embalagem bonita, reutilizável e #Earthkeepers.
Man Made DIY
Sale Item of the Week! The Soopascarf! I know it’s not fall yet but my turnaround time in the middle of fall/winter is 3-4 weeks. So get your orders in early! www.yokoo.us
Who says a scarf is only meant to go on your neck? Double up your gift by wrapping it with a beautiful summer scarf or a cosy knitted one and ta-dah, a unique double-gift that is sure to wow the gift receiver!

A wrapped gift in a homemade pillow case.
Take a different spin on santa's sack by wrapping your gift with a pillowcase! This would work amazing especially for children or couples for them to use as an actual pillowcase after Christmas!

Recycling Wrapping Paper

Apparently the christmas period sees up to 30% increase in waste and I would think so too, with all the wrapping paper *coughs*, boxes, cards, letters and more! As such, I'd like to add this little section to remind you to recycle your wrapping papers when you can! Check out Recycle Now for some tips or you know, the easiest way is to reuse it them for the following year/birthdays 😂


And there we have it! Wrapping ideas for you and I hope that you've enjoyed it and with that, Merry Christmas Eve, Eve you all! X