Hey friends!

I hope you're all doing amazing - today's post is a little different because I thought it'd be fun to take a step out of the festive content and look at my favourite bits of 2018.

It has been one of the most eventful year of my life because of how stressful and fulfilling it was and I thought this would not only be really nice to look back at, but also share some cute pics with you!


So January was pretty much stepping into winter, enjoying the freezing breeze and mostly slowly getting used to the life of a Master's Student! It was filled with tons of library sessions and time with some of my favourite people!

The day Aidan and scored tons of tickets from his favourite machine!


Favourite people at our usual hangout - of course

This was taken on our new year party, at the moment Rosie found out she's got the King's cup!

This month marks the beginning of the stressful days where assignments got more challenging and more days were spent just mugging like it was nothing. But I also had the most amazing experience of celebrating Chinese New Year with my friends, none of whom were chinese but all of them had tons of fun and it was such a surreal moment! Of course, there was valentines day where Aidan got me the most beautiful bunch of red roses which I found, is one of my favourites now!

Pancake Day!

Girl's night in celebrating a submission!
The most expensive yet delicious quiche

Doesn't look much like Manchester but snow is always so beautiful 

One of my tutor was so cute and got us these as goodbye gifts from completing her class!
my favourite boys

March was the end of lessons officially and us breaking into our Easter Holiday! We celebrated with some gorgeous drinks in the most beautiful place and I also took a trip back home to Singapore, popped over to Bali and spent some time with my friends and family.

Favourite italian's birthday!

On one of our rando adventures

One of my favourite views in SG

More of April was spent in SG, savouring everything delicious! Went back to Manchester towards the end of April and basically jumped straight back into studying and catching up with my friends!

A good skincare haul always makes me so happy!

my brother who is about two heads taller than me but always my baby

Hai di laoooooooo - my aunt generously bought us this crazy expensive but so darn delicious meal

We stayed up past 5am for a meal of KKM and it was so worth it even though we can feel our bones fall apart

Back to Manchester

Into a greeting from Cherry Blossom trees
Me mid-break down, courtesy of Aidan
When the weather got slightly warmer, we ran out to have a picnic nearby!

I don't know why but this picture always makes me laugh - the way he is just sleeping with his plush just by his side and ALL the covers!

My favourite month because it's my birthday month! This month also marked the start of my thesis and amidst the stress, we had a little prom and my friends surprised me with the sweetest gift for my 24th!

Watching Ed Sheeran for the first time!
Aidan got his friend in the US to buy this shirt and shipped it to the UK for me, ramen is one of my favourite meals ever since I got to the UK a couple of years ago and I love this shirt so much!

Summer has just started creeping in and days were getting longer so naturally, everyone was in really great spirits! I got to hang out more with my friends, watched TS live for the first time and basically just busk in the early signs of warmer days!

I've also tried out the famous Rudy's Pizza for the first time where the generous nicky bought us the meal and it was delicious!

Fav asian hello!

Aidan trying to poke fun while I decide on a new bag for the summer holidays!

Guess who is well chuffed with his purchases
summer days = empty desks at the library

T Swift hello!

We also took a day out of mugging and went to Liverpool for a Digital Conference and we had so much fun! 

Summer is in full swing and my highlight of the next two months are our crazy trip around the UK! We spent some time in London, Paris, Brighton and more! It truly is such an experience seeing the world with some of my best friends, and to have a part of my life in Singapore becoming a part of my life in the UK was just amazing!

Inside the beautiful Galeries Lafayette

Glorious dum dum donuts

The second leg of our trip includes York, Alnwick, Edinburgh and spending more time in Manchester! After that, Aidan and I basically packed up two years of our life, moved out of the student accommodation and into our first flat! It was really, really emotional for me and I was basically crying every night, it was kind of the mark of the start of my mental health suffering - I wanted to jot this down because it is important to raise the fact that even when I had the best time with my friends a couple of weeks ago, I slipped into an all time low in my life.

My asian counter part's birthday so gorggggg

I was under the highest pressure in this month because my final thesis was due and the first two weeks found me just buried into my laptop, trying to read and type something that I've probably read a million times at that point! Since the month consisted of me submitting the biggest assignment of my life, I took a break after that and found myself quite lost and becoming a dedicated homebody.

The day aidan and i discovered our new favourite spot!

This month is when the days are shorter and the nights just feel like they go on forever and it was about a couple of weeks since I've handed in my thesis, and I've been sending out too many resumes for jobs I love and jobs I don't. Unfortunately I didn't get a job and honestly I felt (and still feel) so shit just because some of my friends landed themselves in some amazing spots and they are just so happy and working towards their dream you know? I went for too many interviews to count, the number of people that I didn't hear back from cannot even come into comparison with those I heard back from.

Safe to say, my self esteem was punctured and dragged to hell and the cherry on top that really threw me into the worst state was someone told me I didn't get the job because I was too creative. Honestly that was just the tipping point and I spent most of Oct and early Nov at home, in my PJs, most days not having food and basically just crying on the couch and staring into space. Sometimes I'd even do the creepiest thing where I'll just stand by the window like some deranged person and I apologize to whoever I may have scared. But yes, I just wanted to add this part in because it was the lowest I have ever felt in my life, and in pictures/social media, I was perfectly fine and happy so it goes to show you never really know?

Anyhoooooooo, October is also the month where aidan and I do our annual pumpkin carving tradition and that seemed to be the one of the very few things that was worth mentioning and remembering in October -

Aidan also finally had surgery for his toes after being in agony for months and he was basically a limp for a week and I was his servant hello!

Manchester City Centre was all decked out in halloween decors and it was so fun!

So in a bid to get out of the house and keep my negative mindset at bay, I ventured out into town most days to meet Aidan after work! And the perfect excuses to head out includes Starbucks Christmas Drinks & the Manchester Christmas Markets. Safe to say, all of these actually put me in a better place and got me excited for Christmas and at the same time, coming up with content ideas to work on my blog and my youtube. Because if no one wants to invest their time in me (by getting me a job for now), I'll invest in myself and do the things I love. Thus past mid november, I was slowy but surely picking myself up and being around people and Aidan's family really got me out of the terrible hell hole I created for myself. Also, by investing a lot more effort into my brand, I got invited to a couple of events and attended two of them which were so, so great and amazing.

This was taken on the day I got my results back where I found out I will be graduating with Masters in Digital Marketing Communications with Distinction!

So with the constant videos and blog posts coming out nearly every single day in December, it has not only given me a new purpose but also kept my mind active. This also means that I am able to put more energy into creating content that I love and not entertaining all the negative thoughts as much. I'm not going to lie, I still feel very defeated that I didn't graduate with a job like many of my talented peers, but I'm also really grateful for the time I have to focus on myself.

By writing posts and filming tons this month, has really taught me discipline and to find creativity in different places. So with that being said, I'll just like to share with you guys the current videos and blog posts I've had written, should you guys be interested to check them out!

With that, thank you for looking back with me at my 2018 - it has been the craziest year and I've learned so much about myself, my friends and my family. It's been such a year of growth and I cannot wait for what's to come in 2019!