Hey friends! Welcome to Blogmas Day 20, today I'm sharing with you guys some of my favourite christmas day recipes that I found from Pinterest! This is my first time making food for Christmas day myself so I'm actually looking forward to trying out some of these recipes! Let's jump right in then!


These easy starter ideas are great to have laid out on your table for when your guest arrive, just for them to have something to pick at before digging into the mains!

Scalloped Potatoes

garlic rosemary scalloped potato roast
Family Friends Food
How beautiful is this gorgeous dish - it is also pretty effortless and takes no time to prepare. You can easily make this before hand and pop it into the oven on the day itself! It also takes just a handful of ingredients so head over to Family, Friends Food to check out the full recipe!

Camembert with garlic bread

Baked camembert with garlic bread

This is probably the easiest starter you can do and it will take you no more than 15 minutes to prep and cook. All you need is a whole camembert and slices of garlic bread, or you could use a baguette, bread sticks or other little nibbles! If you want a full recipe, head over to BBC Food and check it out.

Christmas Tree Garlic Bread

BBC Good Food
How adorable is this? Not only it is going to be a stunner on the table, it is also really easy to eat and make! This recipe adds a little twist by having mozzarella stuffed in the dough balls but you could change it up and stuff the with marinara sauce, gravy or even sweeten it with some chocolate/jams! Check out the full recipe on BBC Good Food's site!


I know there are some traditional Christmas desserts like the fruit cake but I found some of the cutest dessert, perfect for the holiday season!

Santa Hat Meringue 


This is not only a quick recipe but also so cute to look at! The santa hat is a plus point for the holiday period and you can bring it up a notch by putting it on a cup of hot chocolate! You also need again, just a handful of ingredients to put this together so head over to Delish and get the full recipe!

Hazelnut Christmas Tree

Who doesn't love puff pastries and chocolate? It is deffo an added bonus when it looks like a Christmas tree doesn't it? You can add little pots of different dips like strawberry sauce or even chocolate dips for your guest to add another layer of flavour to this dessert! Check out the recipe on I Am Baker.

Marshmallow Hot Chocolate

This is so awesome! How to make a snowman out of marshmallows to float in your hot chocolate. Fun winter craft activity for kids.
It's Always Autumn

I never enjoyed a hot drink as a dessert until lately so a hot chocolate was naturally one of my picks for a dessert! I chose this recipe because it has a floating snowman! So instead of it just being a typical topping on top, it just makes it a tad special! On top of that, you can consider making a hot chocolate station by having a range of hot chocolate topping for your guest to spice up their drink! Cinnamon sticks, chocolate shavings and candy canes are some of my favourites! Head over to It's Always Autumn for the quick and easy recipe. 

There we have it! 6 easy recipes to spruce up your Christmas day meal, I hope that this gives you some new ideas for you as you prepare for your festive feast!