Hey friends!

Welcome back to Blogmas Day 18! Today we are giving our good old pal - Netflix, a little love. They have been putting out tons and tons of films/series out just in time for the holiday season and not going to lie, I have been binging them all! So I'm going to share with you my favourite films/series that you can enjoy this festive season! These can either be enjoyed on Christmas Day or just the days leading up to it!

1. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 

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I know I am terribly late to the The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina game but I have been LOVING this series and I decided to pop this in because of their holiday special episode! They put such a great twist on Christmas Day and I am kind of loving their 'satanic spin' on it! I personally love Sabrina's aunts who are ever so loving, hilarious and borderline scary but they are so, so good to her. I'm going to stop talking about this before I give away any spoilers but let's just say I got well scared but enjoyed it thoroughly!

2. The Christmas Chronicles

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First of all, who would have thought that you could 'zaddify' Santa? This Christmas film is like no other, it is NOT cringey at all but it still has the festive twists that you look for in a Christmas film. It has a great mix of animation and real life (?) acting which gives it such a different take. I enjoyed it so much because it works on the love of family and the magic of Christmas in a modern take!

3. Christmas Inheritance

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This gives me a little bit of Office Christmas Party vibes but it has such a different take on your usual Christmas Film! This is set around a party girl who is next in line to inherit her father's company but her dad thinks she isn't ready enough so he sends her on a mission. Just imagine - rich city girl finds herself in a little town with no credit cards, no nothing but 100 bucks to her name and her luggage emptied onto an icey street. It is hilarious, heart warming and ever so festive!

4. Nailed It! Holiday!

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This is a little bit of a hit and miss with their different episodes. Not going to lie, it is a little cringe worthy on the judges side but I guess it is all for comical purposes. BUT that being said, the fails of the contestants literally put Aidan and myself in fits of laughter because it is so bad that it's so good! It is like watching a train wreck happen and you can't seem to look away but then you kind of get that they spend a couple of hours on the show and simply beat the two other contestants and they get to walk away with $10k!

5. The Holiday Calendar

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I'm going to be 100% with you - I watched this mainly because of Kat Graham because it is SO nice to see her outside of TVD and exploring different characters outside of her teary eyes and bloody nose scenes. This is based around an advent calendar coming to live and it just gives her different presents/experiences which I feel is such an interesting concept! If you're looking for a really festive film that is a little pick me up/motivational one, this is for you!


And there we have it! 5 different netflix series/films that I feel, take a different spin on Christmas! So hop on this festive train that is going far away from Cringe Town and enjoy Christmas with these netflix picks!