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Welcome back to day 14 of Blogmas! Today I'm talking all about budget - Christmas is a time where your wallet literally get squeezed till it's very last drop and to many people, including myself, it is not the best scenarios. So, I'm here to help you have a quality Christmas on a budget! So I've broken down the budget christmas into three sections - food, gifts and entertainment and in each area I will share some ideas to help you have the best Christmas while balling on a budget!

What is Christmas without some amazing food am I right? Regardless of the cuisine you are going for, nothing sums up the Christmas Spirit more than sitting around a table with your loved ones, just enjoying food and catching up! And while it is very enjoyable, it can get costly, especially if you are hosting and you may have to prepare food for a large number of people! So here's how you can make it wallet-friendly on not only you but everyone too!

Potluck Style

dish on white ceramic plate
Jay Wennington
I used to do this a lot with my friends! Basically what we would do is allocate a dish/type of food or drinks to each person and we would just arrive with it to the venue. So it not only sorts out the courtesy-gift where everyone brings something when they visit a person's house, everyone gets to contribute and it is less stressful and less expensive! What you can do to make the process easier is to set up an online checklist so everyone has access to it and that not only ensures that all 'areas' are covered but also that there are no duplicates!


Family Secret Santa
gift boxes
Because gifts can get expensive and getting gifts for a everyone in a family or group can literally cost an arm and a leg, you can consider secret santa! This way you not only incorporated an element of fun and surprise, you also save your wallet and just get one really good gift for the secret santa person! My friends and I do this yearly because we are quite a big group of seven, so what we do is get one main secret santa and spend about ten dollars-ish on everyone else! We use this program called DrawNames where it just randomly shuffle and allocate a santee to a santa!  Makes it a lot easier on the wallet especially when everything seems to cost so much during the holiday season!

DIY Gifts

Another budget friendly way of Christmas Gifting is to DIY your gifts and there are just so many things you can do! So what I'm going to do is just share with you guys some of the things I've done which have been not only so easy to do, but looks so cute as a gift too!

1. DIY Hot Chocolate Kits

Everyone loves a good cup of hot coco and there are so many ways to put together a hot chocolate kit and here are some of my favourites:

DIY Rudolph Reindeer Hot Cocoa Holiday Gifts with Free Gift Printable Tags!

2. Hampers
Hampers are a great way to show how much you know someone just because they are customizable and you can put together items from a range of prices into a box or a basket! I found this collage of the cutest kits which is going to be amazing for all kinds of gift receiver!
The 11 Best DIY Anytime Gifts | Page 3 of 3 | The Eleven Best
The 11 Best

3. Sugar Scrubs
We all could use a pamper session every now and then, and sometimes these products can get really costly for some reason! But, did you know you could actually make sugar scrubs easily and cheaply! Check out this list of combinations where you can tailor the scrubs to!

How to make your own sugar scrubs using your favorite scents and other tips!
U Create Crafts


clear glass frame
Claudio Schwarz
One other way to get gifts on a budget is to look at things on offer, I know people don't have the best impression of getting sale items as gifts but sometimes they are equally, if not better than full priced gifts! There is no shame in buying items that are on sale as long as you have given in a good thought and know that it will suit your gift receiver! Plus it can be in situations where a different colour is slightly cheaper or even just a slightly different design you know? When you are trying to stick to a budget, every little bit counts!


Coming up with entertainment can be the last thing you would want to do especially when you are busy with so many things! Furthermore, entertainment can be the last thing you would want to spend your money on so here are some free entertainment bits for you!

1. Movie Marathon

This needs no explanation but it is almost custom to have christmas films on in the background or just after Christmas Dinner where everyone just sit around the living room and have a food-coma infront of the TV. But you can always up this a notch by making a game out of it, you can either put a christmas hat by the side of the TV and take a shot/high five someone when the character fits right under the hat.

Huffington Post
Another thing you can do with this is the Christmas Film Bingo which I talked about it previous and it would just make the whole process a little bit more fun! If you need a little idea on what to watch, head over to check out my Favourite Christmas Films!

Image result for christmas movie bingo
Cactus Pop

2. Christmas Lights

bokeh photography of person taking picture at stage
James Baldwin
I know it can be difficult to convince everyone to move after the amazing meal but take a little walk around the neighbourhood or just pop into town to look at the Christmas lights! You will definitely feel so festive plus it could make for the perfect backdrop for a family/friends picture! #InstaLife

3. Decorate Christmas Cookies

candy cane and cupcake christmas cookies so cute , cute christmas cookie decorating ideas.
Brad Pike
This is a really minimal task where everyone of all ages can take part of! You can either pre-bake some gingerbread man or some cookies and prepare some packets/tubes of icings and just set it around the table for everyone to do a little activity together! You can also consider to print out templates to give people ideas and even hold a little competition to see who decorated the best cookie!

4. Make Christmas Sweets

christmas treats
Country Living
Similar to the one above, I actually did this with my friends last Christmas and it was so fun! We were sipping on prosecco and dancing to Christmas tunes while the whole flat just smelt of delicious treats! It was one of my favourite memories because I was surrounded by the people that I love and it was just such a fun little thing to do! I found this post on Country Living where there are more than 40 easy christmas sweets recipes where you can pick from!


And there you have it! Here's how to have Christmas on a budget! Just remember that Christmas is all about being with the people you love and just celebrating the festive occasion! Don't wear yourself out and don't dry your bank account! With that, I will see you tomorrow! X