Hey friends!

Welcome back to day 13 of Blogmas! Now that we are just 12 days away from Christmas and you have not gotten your Christamas gifts yet, PLUS some places have since cut off the Christmas Shipping dates, you might be panicking like a headless chicken? No? Just me?

But in any case that you are, do not fret because I am here to share with you guys some great last minute Christmas gifts that are so kickass, no body would know that you actually got them this soon!

1. Living + Gifts from ASOS
So in the last few weeks I managed to get myself the next day delivery option on ASOS and even though I haven't got myself much other than a knitted cardigan from there, I still think that the delivery time makes ASOS the best place to shop for this holiday season. Especially when you're pressed for time, this would work amazing, plus the premier delivery subscription lasts a whole year so you're getting all occasions covered! And no, I'm not paid or sponsored by ASOS to say this, just thought I'd share it with you! Anyway, I've combed through the Living + Gifts section and picked out three things that would make the perfect gifts under £20! They have a wide range of options ranging from as low as £3!

2. Christmas Cookies

gingerbread man lot
Mark Muhlberger
A home-baked gift could go a long way - sometimes when someone literally has everything or has the power to get anything they wanted, a box of home made cookies by you can be really special! I know some people have a rule against getting food as gifts just because it's not going to be there *forever* since once you eat, it just comes out of you? BUT I feel that this holiday season you could gift someone some home baked festive goods like a gingerbread man! Plus it takes next to no time with these recipes: BBC | All Recipes | Delia Online | The Happy Foodie | Waitrose

Speaking of which, sometime in this month, I will be uploading a blog post/video of me trying out a Gingerbread Man recipe so stay tuned!

3. Christmas Tea Trees

Thirsty For Tea

Thirsty For Tea

I saw this amazing gift idea from Thirsty For Tea and I thought that this would make the perfect gift for the tea lover you have in your life! Plus it is a such a quick and easy DIY activity that you can put together in no time. Although the original recommendations calls for a couple of items, I reckon you could put these together with: double sided tape, kitchen towel roll, coloured paper for the star, a sort of weight to let it stand on its own and tea bags! You can also consider using those tall candles and simply tape the teas on which can be a double-gift!

4. Framed Art

clear glass vase on brown wooden dining table

One of my favourite things to gift people are framed art pieces - you could either design it yourself with some quotes or even their initials easily from Canva templates and print it out in less than ten minutes! Best part, the whole art process is FREE! So you just need to pop it into a frame which you can easily get from Poundland, Homesense, Ikea and even Wilko!


And there you have it! I hope that you've enjoyed this little post on thoughtful last - minute gifts and I will see you in tomorrow's post! X