Hey friends!

Welcome back to day 11 of Blogmas! I could not believe that we have actually made it this far! So today I thought it would be nice to share with you guys five stores that you definitely should check out at the Manchester Christmas Markets 2018! I have been the biggest fan of the markets since 2015 and yes, embarrassingly I collect all the mugs and I love them to bits! Anyway, I went about the markets and got some cute pics for you guys to take a peek into some of my favourite stalls! But before that, here are some information about the Manchester Christmas Markets 2018:

Dates: November 9 to December 22, Albert Square's will be open for one extra day to December 23

Times: Albert Square: 10am to 9pm (until 4pm on December 23) | All other sites: 10am to 7.30pm in November; 10am to 8pm in December (and until January 5 for Cathedral Gardens). Bar areas will remain open until 9pm.

Locations: Albert Square | St Ann's Square | King Street | Exchange Street | New Cathedral Street | Exchange Square | Cathedral Gardens | Market Street | The Corn Exchange

Check out more information on the MEN website!

1. Flammkuchen & Feuerzangenbowle: Town Hall

Every single year, this is the store I would visit FIRST just because I feel that this is like the main course you know? It basically serves the thinnest, crispiest pizza ever and we'd always picked the onion, bacon and cheese topping and it is just the most amazing little snack to share or have your own! You pay including a deposit which you will get back when you return the little cardboard plate!

2. Mulled Wine: The Mill Exchange

My FAVOURITE Christmas drink is 101% the Amaretto and Strawberry Mulled Wine - it has just the perfect blend of sweetness and tartness while giving you that rush of warmth from the wine and just the heat of it. I usually have this as a little dessert and the way to end the markets because then I'll just bring the empty mug home.

P/S: if you're wanting to bring a mug back with you, be sure to bring a kind of bag, preferably zip locked so you don't get any leakage into your bag or anything! Also, don't forget your ID because it is an alcoholic drink and you should not get it if you're not of the legal age!

3. Snowdonia Cheese: Exchange Square

We haven't gotten our supply this year yet but every time we get about three different flavours including a spicy one (Red Devil) that has such a burst of flavour!

But because I'm not a very strict lactose intolerant, so I do indulge in a couple small bites of this, just enough to keep me from having intense visits to the toilet! But in the event where I have no sense of self control, the visits are WORTH IT!

4. Dutch Pancakes: Albert Square Town Hall/New Cathedral Street

This is one of the stars of the markets and you can often see long queues at the dutch pancakes stalls! It is about a fiver per serving and you get about eight or ten mini dutch pancakes with different toppings like fruit or nutella or simply just syrup and sugar. I usually go for the nutella one because it is so rich and indulgent which is SO nice but I recommend that you share it because it can get a little sickly!

5. Photobooth: St Ann's Square

Okay so this is technically not a food store and it is a pretty new addition to the Manchester Christmas Markets 2018 - this FREE photobooth lets you take the most festive pictures with their range of props and all that fun stuff! You get printed copies of the pictures and a gif send to your email so it is a nice little thing to do with your friends and family! This photobooth is pretty hidden so you're going to have to walk all the way to the end of St Ann's Square just in a little back corner!


The day I went out for this pics, I saw this group of talented musicians just entertaining the Christmas Markets go-ers with some festive music! So if you're lucky you might catch them and enjoy their music!


And there you have it! Some of the best stalls to visit at the Manchester Christmas Markets! I hope that you will have tons of fun visiting because I enjoy every visit so much and I will see you in tomorrow's post!