Hey friends!

Welcome to day 10 of Blogmas! Since we have been on the topic of Christmas parties with films and games, I'm here to share with you guys some festive music you can have on replay throughout this holiday!

Here are some of my top 6 Christmas hits with a mix of classic and pop!

Is there any song that makes you feel super festive than this? Every single time I hear the first three seconds of this song I just take a deep breath and prepare to sing the first stance with the utmost passion ~ I don't want a lot for Christmas /
There is just one thing I need / I don't care about the presents / Underneath the Christmas tree ~

I feel like Ariana Grande's voice can literally sing anything and it will make you feel all sorts - I love this just because of the upbeat vibes coupled with the little jingle bells in the background, it just makes you want to get up and dance to it!

okay I get that this is not the original Jingle Bell Rock but I just can't help but to put this in because of how funny and iconic the whole scene is! Especially the part where it gets jammed and kept replaying, goodness me!

The original version of this song is amazing but have you heard Sam Smith's? He has the most sexy and soothing voice which makes this song so calming yet at the same time kind of feeling like home.

I dont know if Pentatonix is still underrated but I feel that this group of talented beings don't get recognized enough - this version of I'll Be Home For Christmas is just one of the best displays of their harmonies and Kristie hitting the high notes? I live!

Is it really Christmas without a little Michael Buble? I don't think I need to talk about why I love him/his Christmas music so I'll throw in a fun fact - I grew up thinking his name was Michael Bubble and thought that was the coolest last name ever.


So those are just six of all of my favourite Christmas Hits but if you fancy a little playlist so you could have an effortless background music, check out these Spotify playlists: