Hey friends!

Welcome back to my space - it has been a hot minute but I have been caught up with so many things and it hasn't been going well. So I took awhile to collect myself together and just get things going again so I'm back now!

So before we get into today's post, I'd just like to plug that I have gotten into the second round of the UK Blog Awards 2019 and I would appreciate it so much if you could take a few seconds to click vote for me! I am nominated for both the beauty and lifestyle categories so 


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Today I wanted to share with you guys another gift-related post to again, hopefully help you pick out some gifts because Christmas is slowly creeping up on us! So, today's post is all about what I got Aidan (my partner if you don't know) for Christmas!

I know it is still a little early but I wanted to wrap the gifts and put them under the tree because a tree without presents is just a little weird isn't it? Because Aidan is a very practical person, he is very picky with gifts, even when he says he loves everything, he only religiously uses what he truly likes. 

With that said, all the gifts that I got are hopefully very practical and one that he can incorporate into his daily life!

1. Computer Chair

Here is the back story, his current computer chair is nearly five years old. And it is cushion-less and honestly, I'm surprised his butt is not as flat as the ground with him spending so much time on something so uncomfortable! So I went and research for a chair that is comfortable and rather affordable because your girl does not have an endless supply on ka-ching! I think the selling point for this chair for me is the leg rest thingy which I don't know if he even likes such function but I thought it would just be cool you know?

2. Wireless Key Finder
Recently Aidan thought he lost his wallet and keys so he went ahead and cancelled his cards. Prior to him "losing" his stuff, we got into a fight and he was convinced that I binned them! So in a bid to prove him wrong, I decided to flip the house around (which he claimed he did do) and I FOUND THEM! He went four days without his keys and wallet because he thought they were missing but they were literally just hanging on the coat rack inside his hoodie. So this product basically comes with four key chains which you can tie to different things and to activate them, you just press the respective buttons (colour coded) and it will just beep with some sound within a certain range so lets hope the whole misplacing thing can stop happening THAT often! 

3. Sports Camera

Crosstour Action Camera Underwater Cam WiFi 1080P Full HD 12MP Waterproof 30m 2' LCD 170 Degree Wide-Angle Sports Camera with 2 Rechargeable 1050mAh Batteries and Mounting Accessory Kits
Since he cycles to work everyday, on roads where it is not the safest because road users in Manchester may not be the most considered, I thought it would be good to have a camera that would be mounted on his helmet just for safety purposes you know. I was debating between this and some others and what sold me was the fact that this could be accessed with wifi and you can view whatever footage you have on your phone or as a live feed for whatever reason! 

4. Speigen phone case
His current phone case is a shitty-ass one which we got from a push cart on the day where he got the phone and it has stuck with him since. It is not the best and it clearly does not protect his phone from his butter fingers so I did some research and saw that this was a recommended item! Apparently it has some cushion technology which I have no clue what it is but it sure sounds fancy - and safe!

5. Logitech Speakers

Z200 Stereo Speakers

So his PC currently has some small speakers and we have been talking about getting speakers because he is constantly on his headphones when he is in the office. And I often have to scream for him to hear me and somehow we come to this agreement that speakers would do the trick (probably not) so I got this pair of speakers for his PC. Again, I have no idea what is a good or bad speaker but hey this says it is the number one PC speaker sooooo lets hope it works!

6. Nintendo switch controller

So he treated himself to a switch a couple of months ago and I personally do not enjoy it because the controllers are so tiny and it is borderline ridiculous when he uses it! So I thought this gift would be pretty good for him plus when we both got it (yes he picked it up), it was on a 20% discount thanks to student night! I wanted to give this to him for his birthday which is about a week before Christmas Day but he wanted it for Christmas so you know. 


And there is all his Christmas gifts! I hope that this helps you pick out some things for your partner or whoever in your life may like these items! Just remember that even though it is amazing to get gifts for people you love, don't get yourself into bad situations just to buy expensive goodies that you don't have to! 

I will see you on my next gift-guide-ish post! X