Hey friends!

We are just a couple of days away from Blogmas and I thought it would be fun to share with you guys some of the pictures I took at the Winter Gin Bar in Albert's Schloss when Aidan and I went for their little festive drink tasting event! I vlogged all about it too and you can check it out here:

But I also took some pictures just because the place was so beautifully decorated and everything felt so Christmassy which by now, you would now, is my favourite season of all!

We were greeted by this cute board all about the event - does it not remind you of like a street sign/tourist attraction info board?

All the pretty lights and greens!

HOW pretty is this picture? I am actually so proud of this because it is so festive and christmassy!

Staple gin toppings!

Aidan had the Maple Strudel and I got the Black Cherry Kaiser! Both were SO delicious!

If you are popping by Albert's Schloss, don't forget to pop by the basement and take some cute pics at their free photobooth!
I hope that you've enjoyed this little post and don't forget to check out the vlog to see these images in action and join us for a cheeky pizza at only the best pizza place in Manchester!