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I hope that you're well! Today I'm back with another post, sharing with you guys what my current favourites are! Since finishing my thesis, I've had plenty of time to try out new things and indulge in one of my favourite activities - binge watching series and I have some good stuff to recommend to you guys to kill some time so let's jump right in!


The Purge TV show


If you're a fan of The Purge film sequels, you'd probably enjoy this series too. Basically this is one movie broken down into ten episodes where you get a deeper look into each of the characters and how they are like over the course of the purge night. There are new introductions like cults, human auctions and so much more. Granted it is a horror/thriller, it is bound to be slightly creepy with jump scares but nothing supernatural-y so it was right up my alley! There are currently 8 episodes on and it releases every Wednesday! If you have Amazon Prime, you'll have quick access to this so enjoy on!

American Horror Story: Apocalypse

The latest release of the AHS family surrounds the post-apocalyptic world and I have to say this might be my favourite of all the makings just because it combines characters from previous series Covent, Hotel and Murder House! I don't know if there will be more introduced but it is what I've seen so far and basically the actors/actresses play more than one role and it is really entertaining! Plus being able to see my favourite characters come to life again is pretty amazing. So if you have been a fan of the AHS series, you are going to enjoy this so much! If you haven't watched AHS for your own reasons, like maybe you're not the biggest fan of horror films - trust me this is not that scary at all! The title is pretty deceiving because you're just going to enjoy learning about the different characters, their development and the tie to the storyline!

Crazy Rich Asians

Strong asian casts, Singapore, dreamy Henry Golding and seeing 'Jessica Huang' on the big screen? What is there not to love! I have been looking forward to this film since my friend bought me the book and it reminded me so much of home especially being half way around the world from it ! Plus the way dreamboat Henry was portrayed is just nothing short of exciting isn't it? If you're one for the girl-meets-boy, disapproving family along with sprinkle of mean jealous girls, riches and fame plus all that romance - you are going to LOVE this film! Even though I love the whole rachel-nick duo, my favourite character has got to be Astrid (Played by Gemma Chan) just because she is strong, smart and everything a girl can be!

It’s not my job to make you feel like a man. I can’t make you something you’re not.
 — Gemma Chan as Astrid Leong in Crazy Rich Asians (2018)


A Simple Favour

Blake Lively in a pant suit, sipping on dirty martinis with a psychotic personality? Is there anything else to make this film amazing? Oh wait, yes - Henry Golding as her bidding husband with a weird obsession...? I enjoyed this film thoroughly because it took me on an emotional roller coaster with all its twists and turns, surprises and shock with all the different scenes. Lets just say it has left me wanting a sequel to it and Blake definitely deserves some sort of award for her acting in this! I've put past her gossip girl acting days behind me and seen her more as a public figure than an actress so it always surprises me how well she does her job!


Joy Fills


This recently came to the UK and I left it awhile before I gave into buying them and I kind of regret putting it off for so long! They are like little pillows filled with cream/chocolate filling depending on which flavour you go for - Oreos/Cadbury. But I was really enjoying them when Aidan came and said, isn't it just a condensed and more expensive packaging of the Kellogg's Krave Chocolate Hazelnut Cereal? And that got me -shook- to say the least since the cereal is £3 for 375g and the Joyfills are £1.50 for 90g? 🤭

Oat Milk


In a bid to remove dairy from my diet as much as possible since being lactose intolerant with a mild love for cheese and treats isn't the best combination. I have been trying other types of milk and my favourite has definitely been Oat Milk! And I've been loving the Oatly - Barista Edition just because of it's extra creamy and nutty taste. It is especially delicious in Matcha Lattes so if you love yourself one, try it with some oat milk!



For some reason I have been loving the look of necklaces pairing with different tops and outfits and I have gotten myself a good collection from ASOS, Pilgrim and gifts from the people around me! My favourite necklace for the fall/winter season has got to be this one from ASOS - it is really affordable, the length is good and the make is pretty amazing too!

Satin Trouser

I actually got this again, from ASOS when it was on sale and I needed a pair of trousers and I thought this would just be a nice addition but I did not expect myself to like it this much!

It is rather thick so your underwear lines will not be visible, especially with satin materials - everything is extra obvious! This also goes amazing with anything, a T shirt tucked in, a hoodie, a body suit and all things you can think of! Plus it is still on sale, so if you're looking for a good pair of pants that is comfy, good quality and probably a staple in your wardrobe!

Knitted Cardigan

For the millionth time, fall is here! And I'm loving every bit of it, with the seasonal weather comes some seasonal pieces and I think this gorgeous number from Monki will be a fall staple for me!

The only downside of this outerwear is that it sheds and if you're wearing black you can see yellow fluff all over. But other than that, this is of realllyyy good heavy material and it keeps you warm even in the single digit weather!



Ever since I emptied the very last drop of my Bath & Bodyworks Sleep Lavender & Cedarwood lotion, I've been looking around for the best night lotion that helps me sleep and the LUSH Sleepy Lotion has been working wonders for me. It is thick and smells amazing and every time I have this on, I have a really good night's sleep so this is going to be a staple in my life - for as long as they do this! 

 Glossier Cloud Paint


This has probably appeared on my space more times than I could count but over the summer I have been loving the Glossier Cloud Paint for the quick and easy blush look! I just apply this quickly with my fingers and dab it over my cheeks and sometimes on the my lids just for a wash of colour on my face! If you're looking to get this, please use my link to get 10% off your first order and so I can score some store credits to get more Glossier items! 

Marc Jacobs' O!Mega Perfect Tan Bronzer


I have been looking for this baby for ages and I managed to get my hands on this in a Sephora when I was in Paris! Ever since then I've just been using this as part of my make up routine to add a little dimension to my face for a little splash of warmth and I really like how it looks! It's really natural, nothing too harsh at all plus the pan is massive for the price and I am seriously considering to get a back up! 


Thank you for reading this post and I hope that you've been enjoying my content on my blog and my Youtube Channel! If you have anything you'd like to see me do, feel free to leave it in the comments or drop me a DM on twitter/instagram

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