Hey friends!

So today is a little window-shopping post for me where I pen down my current 'wants' for beauty products, and hopefully motivate me to work towards slowly adding all of them into my collection!

Huda Beauty

I've been lusting over these mini eye shadow palettes from Huda Beauty since I got to swatch them in Selfridges the other time! They are not the priciest items and they are full pan size in a compact - but the thing is I feel that these will only look cute together when the whole set is in? So technically if I were to get these, I would get the whole range at once just so it can be 'complete' and the first series has 6 sets while the second has 5 so I would have to spend at least £125. So until I can do that, I will hold off them.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

The ABH Modern Renaissance palette was my first luxury palette and ever since then, they have released a couple more and they are all stunning. Granted that the subculture palette had some complications (which they claimed to have fixed by now), they are still perfect. Again, I've managed to dip my fingers into the palettes and they swatch beautifully! Creamy and pigmented as they would be and I'm looking forward to hopefully collect all of them one day!


I think it is safe to say by now that highlighting products have my heart and I could never have too many! So here are some highlighters that I've got my eyes (and heart) set on so far! They include some of the most beautiful products from brands like Hourglass, Natasha Denona and more:

And finally, this last section is reserved for all the other make up products that have caught my eye but do not fit into any of the above categories/brands and they are a mix of all types of products!

And there! Those are all the things I've had my eyes set on for awhile now and it is insane but don't they just look absolutely beautiful? I hope that this has given you an idea of what is available in the beauty market and if you were looking for some shopping-inspo, this should hit that spot!

If you own any of the items and if you love/hate them, please let me know so I can put my money somewhere else if need be!

Thank you so much for reading this and I will see you in my next post!

Till then X

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