Hey friends!

So I wanted to make this a Youtube series but I've tried filming it many, many times and every time I just find myself trailing of the subject and just yapping non-stop so I've decided if I pen them down in small bits, it will be much easier for me to keep my thoughts in track and to help you guys understand what I'm trying to get across!

Basically I want to have a series of blog posts where I share with you guys my experience of moving from Singapore to Manchester, my undergrad experience, my masters experience and basically just spending a good three years of my life away from home, friends, family and everything I've surrounded myself with all my life.


So the big move - I'm sure you know by now, I have a lot of things and I love all my items very dearly. From make up products to shoes and clothes, I want to have them on me or near me as often as I can. Which was why it made it very difficult to leave things behind and move forward, so I'm here to give you 3 tips on how to pack when you're moving to another country!

1. Make a list

I love lists and it has become part of my daily routine to make a lists of things that I have to do, things that I want to remember and all the other stuff. So I'd recommend you to make a list of things that you find are essential to you and how I'd map it out is to go through a typical day in my life and just write down the things I reach for, the things I use and the things I look out for. Try to do this over a couple of days just because you may need different things on different days - for example a work day, a stay home day, a day where you go out and spend time with your friends etc.

2. Do your research

Once you have your list sorted, you will have your items which you can consider packing into your bags. Next, find out what things are available for purchase in the country you're moving to, are they a lot pricier compared to home? Are they even available for sale? How easy it is for you to get hold of those items? Also, find out what restrictions are there - some places make it illegal to bring it certain food or other items so make sure that you do not violate anything!

Some of the items that I've brought over include:
1. Deodorant - Just because I am very particular with how I smell and the type of body products I use.

2. Sanitary Pads - Again, I did research to see if where I was going does the pads that I use and when I found out they did not, I made sure I had sufficient amount to last comfortably until I can get hold of it the next time.

3. Skincare - Since I use some skincare products that are Asian, it is not easily available in the UK and if it was, it would be double the price. So since it helps me with my skin, I decided that it would be good to bring some over

4. Food - Nothing taste like home as much as food does and asian food is never the same in the UK so when I could, I brought over pastes, sauces and other things like instant noodles just because it reminds me of home and I was sure that UK doesn't do certain flavours/items!

5. Pictures & Cards - this is not a necessary product I'd admit but if you're going to be moving away from the people you love, having things that they give you/remind you of them can be very helpful to make your new place feel a little more like home.

3. Pack & Weigh

I do this every time I pack and especially where weight limit applies, it is extra important to weigh and keep tabs on what you can/cannot bring. I use a digital weighing scale and basically weigh every time I add a couple of things to make sure they are 'worth the weight' if you get what I mean! Also, when packing, try to use things like vacuum bags to help you condense the space that the items take up. Things like clothes are some of the best things to compress so make sure you use the space wisely!


I hope that you've enjoyed this little post! I wanted to give the information to you in bite size pieces so it's an easy read and quick for you to implement! The next post of this series will be all about how you can settle into your new space!


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