Hey friends!

I hope that you have been enjoying my posts where I share about the cities I've visited this summer! Following Brighton, we basically spent a couple of days in Manchester for a little bit of downtime before taking a pretty early train up to York! Since we travel in a group of 5, we basically Uber as and when we can since it is not only easier when we carry about our luggages, it is also more wallet-friendly since when it is split amongst five! And when we do get the Uber rides, we usually get an UberXL but somehow in places like Brighton and York, they don't really have UberXLs so just an FYI if you're going to Uber everywhere. York was also the place where we had one of the best stays and we stayed at Staycity Aparthotels Paragon Street and we got the two bed room!

📍York city walls
Since the city of York is surrounded by walls and you can basically walk all around it, we basically took it to make our way into the city centre! I highly recommend that you take a walk around the whole wall because you get a pretty stunning view of the city. But try and do it on a sunny day or just a day where it isn't chucking it down because as you can see, the walls have only one side so I don't want anyone risking falling off them! 

I have no idea why my friends still have ice-cream when they are feeling cold! Why!

📍Jorvik Viking Centre - 19 Coppergate, York YO1 9WT
This is one of Aidan's favourite places which is basically a museum detailing the history of vikings. It is really cool because half the museum you see by walking through and the other half was seen through this cool ride which brings you through robotic people thing-y. The coolest thing to me about the whole museum was how they could recreate the smell of something in the museum? But then again, I wouldn't know what the original smell is. 

📍Fenwick York - 2 Saint Marys Square, Coppergate Centre, York YO1 9WY
Fenwick is one of the cutest places I love,  just because of the gifting section where they do the cutest gifts like little bottles of gins, cute hards and little nicknacks.

📍Shambles Market - 5 Silver St, York YO1 8RY
If you know me, you'll know that I love makers market! I love all things local and handmade, just things that are not mass-produced by giant companies. Don't get me wrong, I still love me some high-street stuff but I just have this special appreciation for things that are produced by designers. 

Little leaf creative was one of the stalls that really caught my eye and I actually picked up a tote bag which was in one of the greatest tote material I ever did feel. And trust me, I have a good amount of totes to make this comparison. I was also able to meet the artist behind the amazing work and she was so lovely so if you're ever about York, do pop by and check her stuff out! (Not sponsored)

📍York Shambles - York YO1 7LZ

The Shambles are just one of the many charms about York, it is always packed with tourists and cute little shops. But one thing I noticed is the crazy amounts of wizardry stores and if you're a harry potter fan, I assure you - you will 100% love the new stores!

ALSO, I actually saw the man hand painted/written the store name - the shop that must not be named (you know, the whole Lord Voldemort) and it was the coolest thing.

📍The York Roast Co. - 4 Stonegate, York YO1 8AS

Of course we had to make a good stop at the York Roast - the home of giant yorkshire pudding wraps and it was delicious as usual! Just make sure that you pop by late afternoon, that is when we found to have the least number of people so less queues! If you're a pork crackling fan, don't forget to get an extra serving of it to-go!

📍Spring Espresso - 45 Fossgate, York YO1 9TF

We did a quick search for breakfast places and found a liking to how the food looked on Google so we settled down and had probably one of the best breakfast I've had! This cafe is a tiny spot and they don't have big tables for larger groups so we found a seat outside which was quite nice in the morning breeze!

The iced coffee was one of the best that I've had on the trip so far and I can't wait to go back and have some more soon!

📍York Minster -  Deangate, York YO1 7HH

As you probably already known so far, I love visiting churches in different cities just because it is something that Singapore doesn't really have and the churches are so beautiful! With all the intricacy and details, every one is just so different and gorg.

📍York Museum Gardens - Museum St, York YO1 7FR

This imo is one of York's 'hidden treasure' just because it is a walk aways and it doesn't get too crowded that you don't get a spot to relax and unwind. On my previous trip to York, Aidan and I stumbled on this place on accident and this time we had some hours to kill so we just went back there, got an iced tea and sat around for a bit just enjoying the summer and what not.

York is truly such an underrated city and if you ever have the chance to pop by you should do! 
*this post is not sponsored