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Today I thought I’d share with you about the event that I’ve attend by Kiehls just because I picked up some skincare tips and tricks which might be worth sharing!

This event was an intimate introduction to the Kiehls latest eye product and it was hosted by dermatologist Alexis Granite and Beauty Blogger Fleur De Force! I found out about their event via social media and called to book a spot for £20! The tickets came with a goody bag, meet & greet plus redeemable against any Kiehls products.

Basically the topics that were raised included:

1. Sun care
2. Transitional Skincare
3. Acids

One of the most discussed topic was probably the use of SPF and the type of SPF. Personally I use a product with SPF 50+++ PA just because my skin tabs easy and when I’m outside, I do stay out quite a bit. But it was recommended that if you are indoors or even in the colder months, consider using a minimum of SPF 15 just to keep your skin protected.

If you’re a make up user, chemical SPF can be absorbed better into your skin rather than the mineral ones just because it’s lighter and may not cause your make up to shift. But then again, some people require different consistency of products like me - my spf is of a cream consistency and regardless of it being in summer or winter, my skin is okay with it. Just bear in mind to consider your level of exposure to the sun, skin type and the kind of make up you layer on top of it!

Next, transitional skincare - I personally find this very interesting just because in Singapore it is ALWAYS summer so I don’t really have to change up my routines very often. So when I asked Alexis & Fleur, they advised to not only listen to my skin but identify early signs like dry patches and how it is performing especially through transitional seasons.

Personally, during such times I have two types of moisturisers - light & rich. I use the light for day and the rich for night! So if you’re debating doing such, you can try it out to ease your skin and always prevent rather than fix! So if you have pigmentation issues especially in winter, start the products early so you can prevent it from being in a bad condition.

I’ve been introduced to acids as part of my skincare routine when I was trying out The Ordinary products and I have never stopped since.

The two recommended acids are Hyaluronic acid and Retinol. Hyaluronic acids basically focus on skin hydration and retinol takes care of things like uneven skin tones, fine lines and environmental harms like pollution!

So introducing these can definitely benefit your skin and you can find them in products like toners, serums or even eye creams.

Other things that were talked about were
How long does a product take to see complete effect? 

Apparently it takes about 3 months for the product to adapt to your skin and show signs of effects so if you’re trying out something totally new, you can consider giving it sometime especially if you don’t see a massive change. BUT if you break out or see any rash, please stop using it and consult a doctor.

How long does it take for your skin to lose the effect of a product?

Both the questions are similar but with regards to this, I think it was more of the benefits? So for instance you’re using a targeted serum or eye cream and it has done wonders for your skin and when you stop using it, it may take 3 to 4 weeks for your skin to show.

Well I hope that some of this information has been useful to you! But please don’t take this as gospel and always consult a doctor if you have skin concerns because remember, no two skin types are identical!

Thank you for reading and yes I was super excited to be able to meet Fleur after watching her videos for ages.

Also, i find it borderline creepy when someone goes “i’ve been watching you for years”. I totally get that they meant they’ve been watching their videos for ages but if you phrase it the wrong way or use a wrong tone, it can sound very very creepy! So I need to find another way of expressing admiration and love definitely.

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