Hey friends!

I hope you all have been having the best time! Summer has come and gone but the memories I had over the few weeks are nothing short of amazing. My friends from Singapore popped by UK for two weeks and we've spent some time exploring about and basically had a great summer holiday. The weather was (mostly) warm and nice, we had some good food and of course, we took some pretty pictures! Our adventure started with them landing in Manchester and then we headed over to London for a day before we took the Eurostar to Paris! Following that we made a day stop at Brighton then it was back to Manchester for a couple of days. We then head up north to York, Alnwick and Edinburgh.

Over the two weeks we've done so much and collected so many pictures I thought it'd be a shame not to share them with you guys! Since we went to so many places, I'm going to be selecting out my favourite picks from each city and share them with you along with some tips and what not! So let's begin!


I personally have never been to London in the summer before and goodness me! London in the heat is just not as cute as in the winter, the tube was stuffy as heck and sweaty people knocking into each other is just the cherry on top isn't it? Nonetheless, London is and will always be special to me!

friends having dinner at burger and lobster in London

Basically on the first day we had full intention to explore and do all the touristy things like visit landmarks and what not. But it chucked down the heaviest rain I ever did see in my three years here in UK and after running for shelter too many times, we decided to have a short day and went for dinner at Burger & Lobster near our hotel and called it a night!

in club quarters hotel gracechurch

We stayed at the Club Quarters Hotel Gracechurch about 10 minutes walk from Bank station and this was the view from our room! Be sure to ask for a high level/city view if you'd like a room facing the financial buildings in London which was beautiful imo!

I thought the hotel was amazing with:
1) they have drinking water with empty plastic bottles at every level so you can get filtered drinking water and even bring it around
2) there is an option of express check in/check out
3) snacks and fruits at the lobby 
4) wine o'clock (5pm) everyday - if i'm not wrong
5) great staff

and no, I'm not paid to say any of this! I just really enjoyed my stay at the hotel and if I were to spend a couple of nights in London, I would consider going back here! 

The next morning started out pretty early - whopping 6am and it was the best decision ever because the streets were empty and it made going around the landmarks such a great experience! 

Picture by River Thames,

Honestly the day started out so gloomy and after our little breakfast in Pret, the blue skies just came out!

Picture on River Thames, infront of Big Ben

We took way too many pictures at this spot just because of the traffic and the wind! Which ended up with us and our hand in our hair, not the most flattering but I thought this was hilarious because it was not planned at all!

Buckingham Palace

Having a little Megan Markle moment!

red phone booth in london

friends infront of buckingham palace


Those are the top picks of pictures that were taken in London but here's a list of places we've visited:

1. London Eye
2. Buckingham Palace
3. Big Ben
4. St James Park
5. Monument to the Great Fire of London

And they were all done in a couple of hours so we had plenty of time to do some shopping in Oxford Street! 

Since we were travelling in a group of five, we actually took an Uber nearly everywhere just because it is cheaper than buying a single ticket on the tube. Plus the places we wanted to go to were quite close to each other!

Just beware of the routes that the Uber drivers can take because we actually met a driver who literally went in circles and not follow the map causing us to be nearly late for our check out! We left an hour for us to get back from Oxford Circus on the Uber which should take a maximum of 25 minutes and it was around 11am so traffic was not bad at all. But the whole ride took more than half an hour and thankfully the hotel allowed a 30 minute extension so we managed to make it just on time! 


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