Hey friends!

So I'll be going on a short holiday soon and decided that I want to up my dressing game a little and play around with accessories! But since the weather has been pretty nice lately, I'm convinced that wearing a necklace will give me an awkward tan line so the next best thing I thought to do was - earrings!

I do have a couple of earrings that I kind of permanently have in - gross I know but it's in holes that are in my tragus or in the outer middle part of my ear which I want to have them 'decorated' all the time. So as if God heard my prayers or something, I walked past my local Lovisa and saw that they were having some pretty good sales so I popped in and I left the store £26 poorer and 15 new earrings!

Since I got quite a good number of them, I thought I'd share it with you guys and maybe you'll feel inspired to get accessorizing this summer! You may notice that they share the similar colors of grey, gold, and pink! Didn't realize that until I started taking these pictures!

For some reason, tassels are still very on trend but I'm not a big fan of those massive dangly ones but I still want a cute tiny one so I got the one on the left! The one on the right is one that is for a slightly better occasion like a dinner or something fun but I'm terrified that it will get caught on something and my ears will just get ripped!

Next up are just simple studs which will go amazing with every outfit. The one on the right boasts a simple marble round design with a silver frill trimming - it's a plain design but with a little more sophistication! The one on the right is a pretty cool one, it's a grey quartz held by a silver prong stud which actually looks and feels more expensive than it is!

Decided that I should get some normal shaped ones just for days where I'm wearing a bright colour where it just does not go with anything cute on my ears! I love the simple middle section with just the white and black and the gold accents!

Since I got quite 'pretty' studs, I thought it would be nice to get some cute ones like the bee and the pizza because who can say no right? Plus the yellow will definitely add a pop of colour to my outfit or my face which will suit summer pretty well!

These three are basically gold accents which other than the Eiffel Tower's (which I got to wear on my Paris trip), would be quite a good complementary piece to mix up with other earrings!  

These pretty in pink ones are just such a nice step into the feminine side where they would go really good with white and black outfits! Again, another pop of colour but just softer and has a cute twist to it! Did you spy with your little eye another set of tassels?  

I have another one that is not pictured on it's own which you can play a little spot the earring game! It features yet another tassle but this time it's black with a triangular shape which would be perfect for any dressy occasion or when mixed with other \ studs would look pretty edgey!

And here are all the earrings that I've got! Basically, I've paid £26 for 15 pieces which average a pair at £1.70! A nice deal if I say so myself - although I've heard that the salesperson mentioned that the colours may come off when in contact with water? But I guess for a price as such you really can't complain much about it so I would say just enjoy them as they are!

I would also recommend that you disinfect them with some antibacterial wipes or an antiseptic spray along with a cotton swab before wearing them on your ears because you'll never know who previously tried it on! No idea why people do that when they could literally just hold it up their ear you know? But to each their own! 

Let me know which pair is your favorite and if you're going out to get some, do share some pictures of them with me! I hope you've enjoyed this little post and I can't wait to share some holiday content soon!

*This post is not paid/sponsored