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Welcome back to a new week on my beauty series here! This week will feature mascaras! I use to be able to live without mascaras and just slap on some eyeliner or even some light eyeshadow, but these days my staple make up includes brows and mascara.

Even on days where I feel like I don't want any make up on but I'll go somewhere else further than the supermarket, I'll definitely have some brows and mascara on. I used to stick to just one mascara in which was the Tarteist mascara but curiousity got the better of me and I've just been trying out new ones as and when that I can.

It is also now the product that I am the second most excited about when I hear some new beauty releases so that says quite a lot!


Today's post will feature the cult Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. It took me very long to get onto this Too Faced mascara because I perspire very easily and I'm just too scared of black streams down my face and it getting into my eyeballs and what not. BUT now that I'm in the UK, i rarely breakout in that much sweat as I do in SG. Plus ever since getting it, I've had a great love affair with it!

This is one of the heaviest mascara that I own just because of the packaging. It retails for £19 on Cult Beauty and it comes in a waterproof version as well - perfect if you're in a hot country or if you're just up for a swim with some beautiful lashes on.

The brush features an hour-glass shape with tons of bristles which lifts and coats every lash that you apply to. Personally I use this when I have a heavier eye make up on like darker colours just because it gives me a fuller look with fluttery lashes - almost one that looks like I have falsies on which is great. I would put at least two coats and if i'm feeling extra that day, i'll just pile on one more. 

I would leave one minute between each coat of mascara just to make sure the following coat lifts rather than weigh it down if you get what I mean. Even though the mascara claims to be smudge free, I find that on days where I have it on for more than 8 hours, it does leave some smudge under the outer corner of my eyes but it could be due to the fact that my eyes do get watery and sensitive to make up products that are on for awhile. 

This mascara does leave your lash slightly clumpy so if you're not into clumpy lashes, you might want to stay away from it. But personally I think it's great because it gives it volume and makes it thicker than it actually is, which really compliments heavy eye make up or just for days where you need that extra push for your eyes to look wide and sparkly!

Where can you buy this?


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