Hey friends!

Welcome back to my week of skincare! Today's product should be familiar to you guys because I'm pretty sure somewhere somehow I've talked about this but I don't think it was in detail so lets meet
THE ORDINARY - Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution.

If you've read Connie's post, you'll know that this is one of the three toners that I use to cleanse and prep my face for the other products and this is my second bottle so far and I'm loving it! Basically this products claims to gently exfoliate your skin to remove any dead skins or excess dirt to give you a clear and radiant skin which is always good.

It comes in a 240ml bottle for £6.80 on Cult Beauty which to me is pretty good value for money and it can last you a while because you don't have to use much of this product at all. Some people say that this is an amazing and cheaper dupe for the Pixi Glow Tonic so if you've tried that, please let me know if it does. 

You can get this from quite a number of places such as ASOS, BeautyBay and more!

I use this as my last step of cleansing and toning with just about two tiny squirts on a cotton pad and rub it across my face avoiding my eyes. The nozzle is pretty small and it "closes" when you twist the pointy bit down and when you want to use it just twist it back up. I think its great so it does trap dirt or dust which is something you'll want to avoid when putting on your face!

I highly recommend you to use this only in your night time routine just because it contains acid which makes your face more sensitive in the sun. If you want to use this in the day time, please slap on an extra layer of sunscreen just to play safe. 

I also have a little warning, when you first use this, your skin may sting a little just because again, it contains acid which aims to exfoliate your skin. But don't worry about it because your skin will be used to it in 2-3 uses. It may also sting if you have some raw spots around and I personally just try to avoid those areas as much as I can!

The sting you initially feel is just the product penetrating your skin so don't be too worried by it! Sometimes it can also product a small amount of redness but if you still feel a sting in more than three uses, please consult a doctor because your skin might be too sensitive to incorporate acids into your skincare routine! 

Remember, every skin type is different and your skincare should always be tailored to your skin!

Also, I'm going to be visiting London late July and I'm hoping to pop by the DECIEM The Abnormal Beauty Company, please let me know if you have any recommendations or suggestions for me to pick up products to try! It's going to be my first time in a store that sells The Ordinary products and I'm so excited!