Hey friends,

Welcome to back to my series of skincare! Today, unfortunately is the last of the skincare products that I'll be sharing with you guys. But don't worry, if you'd like to find out more about skincare products, I'll definitely do more content relating to skincare soon!

The last product that I will be sharing with you guys is again from a new brand - Saturday Skin! I saw this product in Sephora over Easter this year and I've just briefly heard about the brand from a couple of tweets and influencers and thought hey since it is in Sephora, it's ought to be good right?

Since I was needing a new eye cream, I decided to give the SATURDAY SKIN Wide Awake Brightening Eye Cream a go! And not going to lie, the pink packaging did play a pretty important part in my decision making process.

This product goes for £36 on Cult Beauty and it is meant to lift and brighten the eye area which is perfect for me because of the endless nights I spend trying to study. It also smooths fine lines around the eyes and reduce puffiness which is everything that I'm looking for in an eye cream!

The product comes out of a tiny nozzle which is great because you don't have to dig your finger into any pod which can risk contamination and what not (what I'm currently doing for another product...).

It basically dispenses out with a pump and you only need the tiniest amount to cover both under-eye area and it is kept closed with a tiny cap on top. The texture of this product is very silicone-y, not watery at all and it penetrates the skin rather quickly. 

I apply it with my ring fingers to use the least pressure on a tender area but it is quite light so I keep this to solely to day time use. I'm actually really excited to try out the other products from this brand so please give me a recommendation if you know of anything worth trying!


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