Hey friends!

Welcome back to my beauty and skincare series where I post one new post every single day for the month of June! I hope that you've enjoyed finding out about some amazing eyeshadow palettes AND lip products!

If you haven't, don't forget to check them out after this post! This week's theme will be Skincare because I thought it'd be nice for a little bit of change and to give some TLC to our skin, because afterall, your skin is the foundation of all foundations isnt it!

Today's product feature will be the Origins - Super Spot Remover, my little best friend! I was actually introduced to this product by a great friend while I was telling her how fed up I was with spots just popping out of no where and she recommended me to get this and it has been one of my skincare staples ever since. Shout out to great friends right?

This product comes in the tiniest bottle you've ever seen but don't estimate the size because it does wonders. I'm pretty sure you've heard me talk about this before but this is my second bottle in about 6 months? And I use it on my spots every single day when they are "raw".

It currently goes for £15.50 on the origins website but I'm sure there will be deals about if you look hard enough like Look Fantastic and Boots. It comes in a plastic bottle which is handy and it seals with a screw cap.

Basically you just turn the bottle upside down and you squeeze the product out of that little hole and make sure you wipe of excess because when it dries it can crust up and all that.

The consistency is very gel like and you just apply a tiny amount on your spot to serve as a layer of protection. Don't forget to wait for it to dry if you're planning to apply other products on top of it! I personally apply this before my serums and moisturizer because I want this gel to target the spots as "clean" as they can - without all the layers of products that it will have to penetrate to fix my spot. 

It dries fairly quickly, about a minute or two so in that moment you can apply your eye cream and what not, by the time you're done with that, it should be all dried! I would recommend to avoid putting it near the eyes because it contains some acid which kind of has a "fume" and can give a weird sensation to your eyes if you apply it too closely. 

I guess I can only describe it as Vicks? Like you know how its all minty and if you put it too close to your eyes it stings a little? Yeap just like that! So I suggest you keep it away from your eye area just to be safe!

I apply this product in both day and night just because I want my spots to go away fast and the time for it to treat the spot varies from skin to skin, my friend has it worked for her overnight while mine takes up to 5 days for a spot to completely go away. 

If I have a massive spot, I usually combine this step with a pimple patch and it speeds up the process that little bit but on most days I just leave it with this because I'm not the most diligent as you can probably tell!

So if you are like me and you can spots especially around the Shark Week or when you're stressed, keep this around so you can treat them and not suffer in the soreness and redness!


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