Hey friends!

Welcome back to my series of skincare! Today I'm going to be talking about a product that is very similar to what you've read yesterday - another toner! But don't worry, it serves a very different purpose compared to yesterday's!

Please meet the Mamonde Rose Water Toner, it comes in many different sizes and I use the 250ml bottle. They have 150ml and 500ml and you can definitely get the smaller sizes to try out before committing to the larger ones!

I don't know if they are available in UK stores but on YesStyle it currently goes for £22. The top doesn't come like what is pictured, I've just changed it to the pump from MUJI for easy dispensing and to minimise wastage because we're not about wasting stuff here.

Basically I use this as my first toner or my second cleansing step because in my first, I use a cleansing pad and it basically strips away dirt and oils from my face which removes whatever hydration I initially have on. So this step is to return the moisture to my face and rose water does a fab job for it.

Rose water has anti-inflammatory stuff which can help prevent irritation on your skin which is great if you have problem skin like mine. It also helps further cleanse your pores and just prep your skin for better absorption of whatever you're going to put on next!

I apply this product with a cotton pad as well and wipe it all over my face, including my eyes area just because it is soothing and I want to remove any remaining eye make up I missed with a product that wouldn't burn my eye-lids off you know. 

It smells beautiful - like roses (or bandung if you're from Singapore hello!) and nothing beats a floral scent am I right? 

I highly recommend you include rose water into your routine because it has great benefits and you definitely don't have try out Mamondes if you don't want to! There are other brands that does it just as well such as the Garnier Naturals Rose Water Toner or even the Jurlique - 'Rosewater' balancing mist

And please don't limit yourselves to just using it as a toner, you can put it in a spray bottle and bring it around with you like going on planes and on hot summer days! 


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