Hey friends!

Welcome back to my month of beauty, I hope you managed to get your hands on some of the stuff I've showed you guys. Today I'm going to be introducing to you one of my favourite products from LUSH - Santa Baby Lip Scrub!

I'm not sure if this is a Christmas season exclusive but one tub of it last me more than a year anyway because I rarely need it unless I go a day/night without my lip products! Plus you only need a very, very little amount of product to exfoliate and remove whatever you need to and you get to lick up all the excess sugar which well, is a pretty sweet deal ;)

This product comes in a glass tub which gives it a pretty good weight. You also get to see how much product you have left. It doesn't come with a spatula or anything to take the product out so you're going to have to get some finger action in there. 

The only downside for me is that the opening of this tub is rather small and if you're like me and you have some fat fingers, it's going to take out more product that you need and having sugar all around you may not be a the best thing (most of the time anyway).

Please also be sure to close the lid tightly because it can dry up and just end up in a block of sugar and you might just have to tip it into a ziplock bag and give it a little shake to loosen it up! 

Just incase this product is not available all year round, LUSH does a pretty amazing range of lip scrub with some interesting flavours like key lime pie and rose lollipop hello? Yes please!

I personally feel that you might need to go back twice to ensure that all the dead skin are removed completely! The prices of LUSH's lipscrub range from £5 to £7 depending on the type and flavour so be sure to check them out before you get them!