Hey friends!

Welcome back to my series of skincare! Today we'll be talking about sheet masks and at this space, we all could appreciate a cheeky mask time to wind down on our day can't we? Everyone, please meet the LuLuLun - Balance Moisture Face Mask!

If you've heard of this brand, you'd know that they have a range of colours for their mask/product packaging and each colours stand for something different - you can find out more about them on Starry Skin's blog if you'd like! Today we'll just be focusing on the Pink which is the balance moisture sheet mask.

The cool thing about this brand is that their sheet mask comes in packs of 7 or 30 and in the long run, that does save you quite a bit of coin! Personally when I open a new pack of this, I try to use it every single day until it runs out, especially for the packet of seven. 

This pink packaging is basically for skin hydration which is something I always appreciate and could never have enough of! And when I use the sheet masks for the full seven days, my skin just becomes really clear and radiant and I do it when I know I've had a stressful week or when I know an important day is coming up (for example a photoshoot or prom).

The sheet mask is rather thin compared to the other masks I've previously used but I don't mind it so much just because I'll be putting them on for the next few days. Plus the serum that is used to soak this mask is pretty thick and I think it sits well!

These packets come with a zip lock seal so you can definitely keep them and use them over a period of time rather than finish them in a week like I do. The 30 piece comes in a box-packet like with a seal that's very similar to the ones you see on a wet wipe packet and personally, I don't think it locks the moisture in as well! 

I recommend that if you do get the 30 pcs packet, get a reusable seal so you can make sure that it stays soaked! I apply this just before my moisturizer for between 15 to 20 minutes depending on how tired I am and it absorbs pretty well so there isn't much product left for you to pat into your skin! Just apply your moisturizer and lock the products all in and you're set!

I've tried the blue version of this mask and it is way too heavy for me this season but it works like a charm in the drier colder months!