Hey friends!

I hope that you've been enjoying the skincare range so far! Today I'm going to be featuring a new skincare brand on this space and that is well exciting! I found out about this product when I was in Singapore and I just stumbled upon a Japanese/Korean drugstore so I went in for a little snoop and came out with it - The G9 Skin White in Milk Sun.

Yes I do realise that is a very weird name but the packaging is just adorable! Who doesn't love some pink and white on their skincare product? (don't answer me if you don't)

This product goes for £10 but I'm not sure if it is sold in UK but for all my Singaporean readers, it's for $18 and you can probably get it in BHGs or online at their website! I got this because I needed a new sun block and we all know how important it is and everyone should be applying them on every single day so if you aren't doing that now, please go out and get yourself some sun protection! 

Also, apparently SPFs doesn't go above 50 even though some brands market themselves to be so try and get between 30 to 50. And yes, even if you live in a country like the UK, you still need suncreen even though the sun barely peeks through on a daily basis. You're protecting yourselves from the UV rays which are harmful too! Also, I don't know if it's true or how updated my information is but when you're getting sunscreen products, try to look for those with 2 +'s and above because it stands for more properties that you're protected against!

I'm not the most expert in this area but I know that having sun protection is important because it prevents all that horrible stuff BUT lets get back to why I like this product.

Please pardon the 'gathering of the suncreen' at the opening, I've just used this and couldn't be bothered to wipe the excess stuff off but as you can see, it comes out from a tiny hole at the bottom and the tip allows you to control the amount that comes out so you don't get a week's worth of sunscreen on your palm.

It is secured by a cap that just twists on which is great and hassle free. The consistency of this product is very much a like a body lotion. Light but not watery and what I like about it is that it doesn't leave my skin feeling oily or makes me feel like I have a layer of something something on my face. Apparently this product also brightens your skin and boasts anti-aging stuff so I guess that's an added bonus? 

Make up also sits pretty well on this product because it absorbs great but if you're worried that your skin may get oily overtime, get some setting powder and brush over it and you're all good! This product has a light floral scent but nothing too overwhelming and I really enjoy it!


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