Hey friends!

Welcome back to another day on my month of beauty! Today I'm going to be featuring the highly raved Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint!

I've been seeing this around for awhile now and I've been rather scared to try it because it claims to last for 12 hours on your lips after application! And if you know me, you'll know that I hate having to re-apply things on my face after doing it the first time just because it is an added hassle you know BUT 12 hours is a rather bold statement so I've decided to bite the bullet and get hold of it.

The product comes in a plastic tube, very much alike to lip balms and the cap is a screw on. The applicator is in the same of a pointed tip, just like other lip products and basically you just squeeze the product and apply it all over your lips. It goes for £8 on Beauty Bay and probably cheaper in other places like amazon but look out for dupes because there are plenty out! And you'll want to watch out to what you put on your face/lips!

The initial colour comes out darker than expected but it lightens as it dries! Basically you just apply as thin of a layer as you can so it dries faster. Try to apply as even as you can so when you're peeling it off, it comes off as one layer and not in chunks which can be pretty hard to remove!

The dried layer is a very thin and slightly sticky one so just be careful and try not to nip your lips as you're removing it because I've tried a couple of times. I highly recommend that you have a couple of Qtips around to help you clean up before the product dries on your lips because after all, it is a tint and you don't want to go around looking like you have crazy smudge lips (that early in the day).  

This is what the finished dried and clean product looks like! It will probably vary on the natural colour of your lips. 

Now for the main question - does it last for 12 hours? In my opinion - No.

I have a couple of this product and I'm not sure if the ingredients used are the same because one of them lasted for barely 20 minutes and another lasted for close to 2 hours. It might be because of my lips or something but it definitely did not last 12 hours for me. 

I would recommend you to use this product if you're just going out for a bit and you don't have the room to bring around all the products in your bag. Or even just for a photoshoot like graduation or something, so your lip has a little tint!