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Welcome back to Mascara Week on my blog! I hope you've been loving the whole month of beauty series so far and today I'm so excited to be introducing to you guys one of my favorite mascaras - Benefit Roller Lash - Super Curling & Lifting Mascara

This mascara comes in an adorable black and pink packaging with a cursive font across the tube which is pretty cute. What's special about this is that the grip/handle of the mascara is made of some sort of rubbery material which gives you a good hold and control over the wand which is something I appreciate! 

It currently retails for £21.50  and it comes in two colours - black and brown. I personally prefer the black ones just because I love how my eyes look with mascara on, but if you're into the natural look, the brown would go perfect too!

Comparing this mascara to the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, you can see the clear difference that this applicator is slimmer and it is curved compared to an hourglass shape. With this shape, it focuses on lengthening and curling your mascara rather than thickening it. 

This is great for when you want long and lifted lashes, and because of its slim applicator, you can easily coat your lower lashes without making a mess at the bottom of your eyes. Personally, I apply two coats of this and I know some people say that to get the best effect, you apply with the side that is curved outwards (if you make your hand into a C shape, it is the part where the back of your hand is). But I personally feel that it works better for me when I use the side that is on curved inwards (where your index and thumb is at when you're forming the C). 

The application technique really depends on the shape of your eyes and the texture on your lashes, my lashes are slightly lifted by nature but there are some lashes which are pointed downwards or even just straight, so it highly depends! Please experiment and let me know which side works the best for you!

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