Hey friends!

Hope you're doing well, over the easter holidays I went back to Singapore to be with my family since we've been apart for more than six months and my dad graciously booked a trip for the family to visit Bali!

Now that I'm (considered) an adult, family trips are so rare since everyone is busy with their own responsibilities and my family is basically in all different parts of the world so it makes it rather difficult to come together and plan for one. BUT this trip happened and it was one of the best breaks that I very much needed since my masters started.

We stayed in Anapuri Villas and it was gorgeous! And even though it was forecasted to have heavy rain and showers across the days that we were there, there as not one drop of rain (thank God!) and we just had the most amazing time. Thanks to the sunshine, I not only got a pretty nice tan, there were some amazing pictures taken as well and I thought it was only right to share them with you!

Since I didn't really take many pictures of the villa that we were in, you can head over to their website to check out how the rooms look like.

The moment we stepped in, we got laid and had to take a picture with the beautiful view. We were given welcome drinks of some refreshing juice which I totally did not finish because I was too eager to explore around. 

Pops and I sat by the 'beach hut' facing the ocean which was such a peaceful little corner especially if you're with a large group and need some quiet time to yourself with the company of the sound of waves crashing. 

After exploring about the villa and settling into our rooms, everyone got changed and jumped into the pool because have you seen it!

There are two ways to get to the 'beach hut', one is by swimming across the pool and another is to walk around it which was a pretty fun walk with all the pebbles that path the way. 

After spending sometime in the sun, the ladies went for a nice little massage which is located just in the main block, about a minute walk from the villa and gosh, it was well needed and so, so relaxing. 

And we came back to everyone asleep on the couch, of course.

Honestly though, the view is stunning. 

And yes, it was back to the pool until dinner time and we all had a pretty early night since we spent the last night in the airport waiting to catch our 5am flight. 

How gorgeous does this beach hut looks in the evening though

The next day started pretty bright and early with these gorgeous fruits, every morning should start with such pretty food because it's not only great for your body, it perks you up as well doesn't it?

After breakfast we took a walk on the private beach, accessible by the staff putting a ladder down and you just do a quick climb downwards and you get to sink your feet into the finest dark sand. 

But be careful because the waves are intense!

And it's back to the pool because why not?

Having some cheeky time in the sun

Dad and aunt in the pool kicking about


Also, this was aidan's first time to Bali and he was having a hell of a time!

Everyone had a chill afternoon either taking a nap on the sunbeds, swimming around in the pool or just being in the living room relaxing.

Since the villas are in such secluded areas, every one comes with a kitchen and a personal chef that cooks for all three meals. There was also a butler who's kind of on-call 24/7 to cater to your random needs such as watermelon juice at crazy o clock. 

The price of the villa excludes food and massage prices, just fyi!


After more time in the sun, we had dinner and played some games before ending our last night in paradise. 

Every room comes with an en-suite and this was the bathtub in our room which was beautifully decorated and always kept clean with the butler around! It's like you have a team of house keeping people on standby?

Who could say no to a picture in a bath tub filled with rose petals 


The next day started with breakfast as usual and then it was pool time for a few of us while the others took a short nap before our check out at 4pm

Said watermelon juice which I thoroughly enjoy because it was so refreshing and sweet especially in such hot weather. 


And that marks the end of my Bali pictures! 

I've made a short video about the trip and feel free to send it some love if you want to see these pictures in action!

I hope that you've enjoyed this post and I just want to put a note out here because one of the highlights of this trip was me finally embracing myself. I've shared a lengthy Instagram post talking about it and I just want to say and emphasize the importance of self-love.

The journey to gaining confidence in my body was a long and painful one. It’s never easy finding your own voice and recognising your own worth with the people around you constantly putting you down - from the closest family member/friends/teachers to a distant relative that barely knows your name, they’ve literally came from every corner. But after all these years of holding it in, staying away from certain clothes just because people say it doesn’t look good, shying away from changing room mirrors and even just having the confidence to speak up in-front of others, I’m done. Done with being concerned about what people have to think or say about me or the way I look and done with living my life trying to find my place in the narrow mindset that people have. So take a seat and stop making comments about my weight, my skin and everything else about me because I don’t don’t care. Here’s a giant fuck you to all the people who’ve put me down with all your unnecessary words - I am happy and that’s all that matters.
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Self-love is not an easy journey but keep pressing on because the destination is so worth it, you'll realize that the only opinion that matters is yours and always stand up, love, take care of yourself.

Sending you some positive vibes and I can't wait to see you in the next post