Hey friends!

It's been a hot minute and honestly I've just been devoting my life to my university commitments and neglecting this space which I missed so dearly.

But today, I thought I'd do a little catch-up with you guys by sharing my favourite moments on my camera roll in Febuary. I get this is not the typical posed pictures that you might be used to but I hope you enjoy this as much!

Tucking into food

Red roses in a vase

Valentine's Day: Went to Burger & Lobster for an amazing meal and we saw the biggest lobster being ordered ever, it was probably £120 for it and the couple literally ate less than half of it! 

Pizza topped with argula

International Pizza Day: Rocket leaves somehow can just make a pizza taste, look and feel about three times more expensive

group shot of friends celebrating lunar new year

Lunary New Year: For the first time after two years, I managed to spend it with my friends and it was such a fun filled day. If you told a younger me that I'd spend lunary new year with an italian, a thai, germans and a british, I'd probably think that you're crazy but it has been one of the most exciting day!

picture of new year decorations

We basically went for the parade, walked around a little and got loads of food which is always great

Three friends sat in UO

How amazing do my boys look?

Sitting in PieMinster Manchester

Dazzling Cafe order

Also visited the Dazzling Cafe which recently opened in Manchester and the food was good but not as great as the one I had in Taiwan ages ago.

Are You Dazzling Today?
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The waiting time was a whopping hour for just some cut toast which I'm not sure if it was worth it... hmmm

Clothes from UO, Adidas, New Look and Primark

My outfit of the day, top from UO, jeans from New Look, shoes are Adidas, belt are Primark and Bag is Longchamp.

Fireworks shot

Mcdonalds covered in snow

Snowday: The 'beast from the east' came by and UK was covered in snow which was breathtakingly beautiful

Picture in All saints park

Expectations VS


Whitworth Cafe: Went there for a quick lunch with Aidan and it was so nice since the first time we went here was our first date two years ago!

Meal in cafe

Brunch: Made this for Aidan and I the other day and it was simple yet so satisfying


Who doesn't love a vertical garden wall?

Outfit from Newlook, Primark, Vans, Longchamp

Another outfit of the day taken at Trafford Centre's arcade

Scent from Philosophy in Amazing Grace

Spring Scent: used it for a full day and the staying power is great but it has a mature and fresh scent 

Limited edition donut bites

If you love Krispy Kreme pick this up and do yourself a favour because this was amazing!

Make up, perfume, skincare, beauty

Desk situation

Red and pink roses

Fresh Blooms: Picked up some pink roses to brighten up my flat and its amazing what great vibes a little bunch of fresh flowers can bring. Highly recommend to have some around you as often as you can!