Hey friends!

Welcome back to Blogmas number 5! Today I'm sharing with you guys my thoughts on the Aldi's luxury candle & diffuser range which has been highly raved about for being known as the £4 Jo Malone dupe!

I have a great love for Jo Malone but I personally do not have a great pocket and I would actually sit by and cry if I actually light a JM candle you know? It's literally burning away a lot of money so.. maybe next time honey.

Anyway from what I can see in my local Aldi store and online, the first candle range has no.1 (Lime, Basil & Mandarin), no.2 (Blackberry Bay), and no. 3 (Pomegranate Noir). I feel the one that smells the closest to a Jo Malone scent is the Lime, Basil & Mandarin candle. They burn for ages and even though the smell doesn't permeate your entire place but the area around it does smell gorgeous! Plus it looks beautiful and so, so classy!

For their reed diffuser range they have the range that's pretty similar to the candle range being no.1 (Lime, Basil & Mandarin), no.2 (Pomegranate Noir) and no.3 English Freesia & Pear)

They come packaged so beautifully and it is pretty good quality for something that costs £3.99! It even has a black tissue in it, fancy smanshy. 

This is what comes in the box - reed, care card - erm WHAT? and the scent!

Personally, I feel that the reed diffuser smells strong than the candles and again, don't expect your entire home to smell strongly of this but for £3.99 it works great!

Today I went into Aldi to get a diffuser for my toilet because I wanted it to smell nice and to my very, very, very pleasant surprise, their new range is out and they have a limited edition bundle! 

They come in the current three scents they already do and three NEW scents which I haven't smelt yet but they do packs of three for the diffusers and candles! Each bundle is going for £9.99 now and it's great as gifts but also amazing for just putting around the house because come on, they look gorgeous! As you can see, I got the new scents in candle form instead of the diffusers because I feel that with the new scents that I don't know yet, I can at least "stop" the smell when I want to as compared to diffusers where you'll want to wait for it to 'finish' if you get what I mean!


That makes the end of this blogmas post and I hope this gives you a little idea of how to make your house smell that little bit more festive or give you an idea for the perfect gift for the candle lover in your life! And no, this post is not sponsored by Aldi because yes, I do sing plenty of praises about these items but it's just great and I love anything that looks and smells beautiful!

See you on the next post!